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Young Living Essential Oils Review – Pyramid Scheme in Disguise?

The market of essential oils has already been around for a very long time. And one of the leading manufacturers of essential oils since 1993 is the company called Young Living. However, many claim that the company is operating in the Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) or worse, in the Pyramid Scheme industry.

We all know that even though a business is legitimate but is operating under the MLM scheme, there will always be underlying issues when it comes to the products and the way it is marketed.

To learn more about this company, I have written this Young Living Essential Oils review to walk you through its background, marketing processes, and real member reviews.

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Young Living Essential Oils Review Summary

Name: Young Living Essential Oils


Owner: D. Gary Young and Mary Young

Type: Multi-Level Marketing Business

Products: Essential Oils and Other Related Products

Price: $160-$165 (Premium Starter Kit)

Legit/Scam: Legit

Summary: Young Living Essential Oils, LC is a multi-level marketing company that sells essential oils and other related products.

Product Score
Total 40%

Recommended:  No

What is Young Living Essential Oils?

Young Living Essential Oils is a multi-level marketing business that has been operating and selling essential oils for more than 20 years now. With thousands of members all over the world, Young Living commits their products and services to their goal of providing pure and powerful products for every family and lifestyle. With their Seed to Seal production process, Young Living takes pride in producing the best essential oils in the world.

But are they really living up to their goals? And are their claims to their products true? Let’s find out on the later part of this review.

About Young Living Essential Oils

Young Living Essential Oils Review - Pyramid Scheme in Disguise? - Young Living Essential Oils Seed to Seal Logo

Young Living Essential Oils was founded by D. Gary Young and Mary Young in the year 1993. The business started small, leveraging in organic herb farming and distillation operations. Gary Young has already developed a passion for essential oils during that time and was determined to establish a business that would empower the world with the use of pure essential oils. With the help of Mary Young’s experience in the direct-selling industry, they were able to fulfill their vision and operated Young Living Essential Oils in a multinational level, even until today.

However, the business has faced a lot of issues for how many years, starting from their products’ effectivity and their marketing strategies.

Young Living Essential Oils Products

Young Living Essential Oils Review - Pyramid Scheme in Disguise? - Young Living Essential Oils Products

Some of the products of Young Living Essential Oils include the following:

  1. Essential Oils and Blends

These oils come in different classification and types. They offer essential oils in Singles and Blends. Singles are pure oil containing just one ingredient from one plant, while Blends are a combination of two or more oils that produces another scent and effects. Both oils are claimed to have therapeutic and calming effects. It can come from different varieties such as Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint, Thieves, Panaway, and DiGize.

  1. Home Care Products

Thieves are another form of essential oil that is produced by Young Living as home care products. Its antibacterial and antiviral properties have made it so effective in keeping your homes clean.

  1. Health and Wellness Products

These are products such as healthy drinks, multivitamins, supplements, healthy snacks, anti-aging products and more.

  1. Beauty Products

These are personal care products such as soaps, shampoo, facial care, and more.

Young Living Prices and Compensation Plans

Young Living Essential Oils Review - Pyramid Scheme in Disguise? - Young Living Essential Oils Premium Starter Packs

Just like any other MLM businesses, there are two ways for you to earn in Young Living:

  1. Sell their products or,
  2. Recruit new members to sell YLEO products.

There are also four ways to earn in Young Living:

  1. Earning through retail selling

As members of Young Living, you will have the privilege to buy their products at a wholesale price of 24% discount, which you can then sell to customers at a retail price. You will earn that profit when you are able to sell them.

  1. Fast Start Bonus

When your new enrollees are able to sell their products on the first 3 months of their membership, you will be able to enjoy a commission of 25% from their Personal Volume sales, and a commission of 10% from your enrollee’s own recruits.

  1. Start Living Bonus

You will earn a $25 bonus when your enrollee purchases a Premium Starter Kit. You should also have your own 50 Personal Volume (PV) to qualify for the bonus.

  1. Uni-level Commission

This is the part of an MLM business where you earn monthly commission through your downlines’ generated volume. You will be able to earn an 8% commission on your first level volume, 5% on the second level, and 4% on the rest of the levels. You will only qualify for the bonus when you have your own 100 PV per month.

In order for you to become a successful member of Young Living, you must sign-up as a member and purchase their required Premium Starter Kit for $165.

Young Living Essential Oils Ugly Truths Revealed!

In past years until the year 2019, many issues have risen against Young Living Essential Oils. Even their therapeutic claims about their products were questioned by the Food and Drug Administration. Let us take a look at the Warning Letter issued by the FDA to Young Living Essential Oils:

Essential Oils are natural oils that can be found and extracted from plants. This is also the major product sold by Young Living that comes in Singles and Blends classification, which they claim to be remedying some common illnesses. They take pride in producing pure natural oils, unlike other brands which are Food Grade or Perfume Grade. However, there is still no strong evidence that supports the claims about the therapeutic effects of essential oils, therefore creating more doubt from customers worldwide. It also caught the attention of the FDA, leading to the issuance of the said letter. You can check out the full-length letter here.

The Better Business Bureau has also sent a request letter to Young Living to provide proof of their claims on the products. However, the company was not able to disclose that information, leaving the BBB in question to their business’ credibility. The BBB has also released their rating for the Young Living Essential Oils stating that Young Living Essential Oils is not a BBB accredited business, as seen below:

Young Living Essential Oils, LC BBB rating
BBB Alert info on Young Living

Another issue that the business were facing in the year 2019 was when one of their members filed a complaint against the company, mentioning that the company’s marketing strategies is that of a Pyramid Scheme. Below is the statement of the member documented by The Fashion Law website:

The Fashion Law article on Young Living Lawsuit
The lawsuit against Young Living

Young Living has denied all allegations and has not provided any answers to FDA and BBB. These issues are a big deal for us, and whether true or not, the issues are way serious for us to neglect. Before deciding to invest in this business or not, let us keep in mind first these ugly truths that we discovered and weigh the costs. We better be watchful now than become a victim later.

Who is Young Living Essential Oils Best Fit For?

I think the business is best fit for those who are fond of essential oils and those who want to purchase them on a regular basis. By becoming a member of Young Living, you will be able to enjoy your essential oils at a lesser price compared to when you buy them at a retail price.

But if you want to pursue a business that would not waste your time and effort, then you better check out my top recommended product now and start earning a sustainable income.

What I Like About Young Living Essential Oils

There are only a few things that I like about Young Living:

  1. They offer Premium Quality Essential Oils
  2. They have their own farms around the world and,
  3. They are in the business for over 20 years now.

I personally like essential oils because of their scent that calms my body, which is why I like the fact that they have premium quality of oils extracted from their own farms.

What I Don’t Like About Young Living Essential Oils

is young living a pyramid scheme?

There are also quite a few things that I don’t like about the business:

  1. They are an MLM company that operates almost like a Pyramid Scheme
  2. They claim unsupported benefits and effects of their products
  3. Expensive purchase requirement
  4. Maintain income for your account to keep it activated
  5. Questionable Credibility
  6. Many issues against their marketing strategies
  7. Unclosed cases

Is Young Living Essential Oils a Scam?

The business is obviously not a scam. If it were, it would not survive the market for more than 20 years. There are a lot of issues, yes, but I believe they will be able to rise from these issues if they pay attention to it and comply with the requirements set by the authorized people for them.

Will I recommend you to join Young Living? No. I cannot recommend this business to you since it is still shaky and has a lot of questionable acts. If I will recommend a product to you, it will be my No. 1 recommended product. Why? Because it is a legitimate affiliate marketing platform that takes care of its members and helps you to grow towards your goals. To learn more about it, you can check out my blog here.

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