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Plugin Profit Site Review – Done-For-You Site and Pyramid Scheme Disguise

Welcome to my Plugin Profit Site Review!

Thinking about starting an online business and expecting to earn hundreds of dollars over night? I’m telling you as early as now, that’s not how it goes in this industry if you really wanted to succeed.

However, there are still many programs online that lures people hard with claims like “FREE” done-for-you websites and “get-rich-quick” promises.

One program that is operating this way is the Plugin Profit Site.

But, will it really make you rich instantly? Is it really a free website for you to use? How does the Plugin Profit Site works? Is it a scam?

Let’s find out in this review!

Plugin Profit Site Review Summary

Plugin Profit Site Review – Done-For-You Site and Pyramid Scheme in Disguise - Logo

Name: Plugin Profit Site


Owner: Stone Evans

Type: Affiliate Marketing Platform and Done-For-You Website

Price: Free + Additional Expenses for Membership Fees and Program Tools

Legit/Scam: Legit but confusing

Summary: Plugin Profit Site is an affiliate marketing site offering a done-for-you website that you can use in traffic generation and product promotion for your soon-to-be affiliate marketing business. Stone Evans, the site owner, is offering people for a free website building service. However, there are products that this site recommends for you to join/purchase.

Product Score
Total 20%

Recommended:  No

What is Plugin Profit Site?

Plugin Profit Site Review – Done-For-You Site and Pyramid Scheme in Disguise - About

Plugin Profit Site is an affiliate marketing website owned by Stone Evans. In his site, Stone describes in detail why he will make a free website for you that can generate residual income  for free.

This done-for-you website that Stone promises to build is created in WordPress, highly customizable according to your preferences, and is hosted by one of his servers. Aside from the website, joining Plugin Profit will also enable you to enjoy hands-on training modules about scaling the website through the strategies that Stone used while becoming a millionaire.

He even revealed on his sales page how he rose from an ordinary 9 to 5 worker up to becoming a millionaire through his Plugin Profit website. And that same website that made him a millionaire will be the one that he will share to you for free.

It’s so good to hear these things but I still find it unreal and suspicious.

Who is Stone Evans?

Plugin Profit Site Review – Done-For-You Site and Pyramid Scheme in Disguise - Stone Evans

The only thing that you will know about Stone Evans is that he is the founder and developer of Plugin Profit Site, he is an affiliate marketer, he is a self-proclaimed millionaire, and that he had his first child on 1998.

I’m just wondering why someone like Stone Evans who claims to be an Internet Millionaire has no real “millionaire” information on the Internet itself.

The only place where you will find his details is from his own website, own Facebook profile, and own LinkedIn and Twitter account. You cannot have any factual information about him from trusted resources or even in news or entrepreneurial sites.

My point here is you can claim what you want to claim and say what you want people to believe about you on your own accounts and websites without having to prove anything.

I can say I’m a Millionaire (even though I’m actually not) on my social media accounts and no one would object. Who knows whether I’m telling the truth or not, right?

In the same way, Stone Evans can claim he became a millionaire through Plugin Profit Site and leave it there.

Also, unlike any other successful online marketers or millionaires who have several online businesses being managed, Stone Evans only has the Plugin Profit Site as his income generating platform.

What Are These Five Digital Products?

Plugin Profit Site Review – Done-For-You Site and Pyramid Scheme in Disguise - PIPS Top Products

Now let’s talk about Stone’s best-performing products in his Plugin Profit Site.

As of this writing, they are the following:

  1. Global Domains International – Global Domain International or GDI is one of Stone’s fastest growing and most profitable income opportunities on the planet. GDI is a domain name and web service provider. This is the first program that you will have to sign up with when joining PIPS. GDI offers a 7-day trial and later on be advised to purchase one of their domain and hosting packages worth $10 per month. Your membership with GDI will also allow you to become their affiliate and end up referring other people to sign up with GDI so you could earn a commission. Their compensation plan includes a $1 commission for every referral you make, and will continue as a residual income every month. They will also award you with a $100 bonus when you are able to refer 5 new customers within a week.
  2. Six Figure Income (SFI) – with more than a hundred thousand members in over 200 countries worldwide, Six Figure Income or SFI is believed to be one of the largest marketing network in the world. You can sign-up in SFI for free and earn commissions by referring people to join. Within 30 days as a free member, you will be advised to upgrade your membership and earn higher commission rates and more access to their features.
  3. Traffic Authority – this is an MLM site that promotes training tools and web traffic packages. Joining them is free at first, but obviously you won’t get much with free memberships. Their free membership has extremely limited access with no earning potential, so you will be forced to upgrade if you want to earn through this platform. You do not have the license to promote the company’s products and earn commissions if you don’t purchase their upsells, which will make you spend $27 to $8000 per month. The lower you pay, the lower you will earn and vice versa. This is true in almost all MLM companies, which is why people will most likely prefer recruiting people than purchasing higher levels of memberships to earn a dime.
  4. Online Sales Pro – is a software platform that offers online traffic conversion, lead generation, and email list building. Joining OSP will require you a $37 per month normal membership fee or an MVP membership worth $97 per month. OSP also offers an affiliate program where you can promote it to others and somehow earn a commission.
  5. Now Lifestyle – Now lifestyle is a Multi-level Marketing company that operates in the Health and Wellness business. The company offers their products from the Health and Wellness category, Nutritional Supplements, and Business Automation tools. They have an in-home fitness program, autoresponder, lead capture system, landing page templates, and five (5) nutritional supplements. However, these products are not sold to the public but to potential recruits and within members only. This is one of the reasons why people consider Now Lifestyle as a pyramid scheme in disguise. To join, you need to pay a $50 per month membership fee.

Please do note that all the products that Plugin Profit Site promotes are membership sites. So if you signup, Stone will earn high commissions. And when you successfully recruit people to PIPS and all the other 5 products, you will earn a commission and even a residual income if your recruits stay as a member of the programs. Therefore, you are obliged to become a member of all 5 companies if you want to earn higher income.

Also, if you will only register to 1 site and leave out the rest, you will not be able to enjoy the “thousand dollars” income and “done-for-you” website that Stone has promised you. We will talk more of that later on.

How Does Plugin Profit Site Work?

Plugin Profit Site Review – Done-For-You Site and Pyramid Scheme in Disguise - How It Works?

There are 5 products that Stone is promoting in his Plugin Profit Site sales page. As I have mentioned earlier, Stone will design the website for you for free whenever you consider joining or purchasing 5 of his top recommended product.

He is also upfront honest with his motives in helping you build a website, saying that he is an affiliate of the 5 products he is promoting. Therefore, when you purchase these products, he earns a commission.

In the same way, when you promote those products to others, you earn a commission while he earns even more. So basically, the marketing structure of this program in my opinion is more like an MLM scheme rather than affiliate marketing.

These are 3 important steps for you to follow in order to join Plugin Profit Site:

  1. When you visit the website, you will be welcomed by a video and a long introduction, sales pitches, testimonials, and product information from Stone Evans. You might want to read them, watch the video and probably get hyped up. Or you can just skip the long post and jump to step 2.
  2. If you decide to join and click that “Get Access Now” button, you will be directed to the PIPS “application” form. There, you will be asked to provide your name and email address. Then, this is where step 3 takes place.
  3. You register to Stone’s 5 recommended products or website which we have already talked about above. Yes, if you are really eager to join Plugin Profit Site, then you have no choice but to register in all 5 of them. Because if not, then I have bad news for you.

Is Plugin Profit Site Totally Free?

Is Plugin Profit Site Totally Free?

The answer is NO.

Although their advertisement tells you that PIPS is free, there are still underlying costs for you to consider. Because in order for you to gain access to that free, income generating and customizable website, you need to pay the membership costs of Stone’s top recommended products.

Yes, you might start out as a free member on these 5 sites but we all know it won’t last long. You won’t also be able to gain any income or other benefits when you are a free member.

Also yes, you can still join PIPS by registering to one or two of their recommended products. But once you register to some programs only, the access that you will get is only for a free, low-quality website.

Furthermore, earning money with Plugin Profit will only take place once you register and promote all 5 programs. Therefore, joining only one program and promoting it won’t get you any earnings. Even the trainings included in PIPS are all about promoting the 5 programs together, not one-by-one.

So, skipping the paid memberships and only going after the free ones won’t allow you to promote them on the free website, therefore you can’t generate any income and getting started for free will become useless.

Add Your Heading Text Here

In Stone Evan’s demo video (as seen above), there are important things he mentioned which I definitely wanted you to know. These are the ugly truths about his so-called “free” website.

  1. If you don’t register to all 5 of his top recommended programs, he will not give you the login details that you need to access your free website.
  2. No access to your website means that you will only be living with a low-quality website that does not generate income.
  3. This low-quality website will only have repetitive content with which you cannot control.
  4. Customizing the site, the banners, and the content and publishing posts in the website will be impossible.
  5. Low quality and un-scaled website only has little to none income potential.

So please do notice all these things so you won’t be deceived by their advertising claims and testimonials.

Who is It Best Fit For?

I guess I wouldn’t take the risk in recommending this program to anyone because I know you will only be stuck in paying for more fees and losing more money than earning here.

What I would rather recommend is that you avoid any done-for-you websites that promises great amount of money and requires little to none effort and time.

Succeeding in the online marketing world requires hard work, motivation, discipline, and a great training. This is what happened to me and I’m glad with the results it got me. See how I went from being a 9-5 worker to becoming a successful online entrepreneur using my top recommended product. You too, can achieve success.

What I Like About Plugin Profit Site

  1. Detailed and energetic salespage.
  2. Offers free done-for-you website.
  3. They offer trainings and bonuses.
  4. They have a referral program.

What I Don’t Like

  1. Overhyped claims of income.
  2. Questionable success story and biography of Stone Evans.
  3. Misleading advertising claims. Why will they claim it to be free when it’s not?
  4. Duplicated and common websites that is hard to rank.
  5. You should become a member of all 5 recommended programs before you can access the customizable website.
  6. You have no other choice but to pay fees and register in all of the recommended programs just so you could start earning.

Is Plugin Profit Site a Scam?

No, I think it’s not a scam. Maybe their claims and program information are just a bit misleading. I also think they are operating more like an MLM scheme, not so much in Affiliate Marketing.

Overall, I cannot recommend this program. Their confusing strategies are a big turn off for me. For me, if they are really sincere in helping others with their business, there is no need for them to mislead people and make people do what they don’t want to do.

If you are tired of misleading programs and wants to put up an online business that is free from worry and doubts, then my top recommended product will surely help.

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