30 Day Success Formula Review – Another Mail Order Scam Exposed!

30 Day Success Formula Review – Another Mail Order Scam Exposed!

There has been a great debate about the legitimacy of 30 Day Success Formula.

Many claimed that they have been scammed by the company’s direct mail biz op scheme, while some are claiming it to be legit.

However, there is something about this product that I find suspicious so I had to check it out myself and do a 30 Day Success Formula review.

You might be wondering, is 30 Day Success Formula a scam? Or is it a legit program that could actually make you hundreds of dollars a day?

Be watchful and read this review!

I have discovered the 30 Day Success Formula’s dirty little secrets that you would definitely want to know. And eventually, as much as possible, would make you avoid them!

30 Day Success Formula Review Summary

30 Day Success Formula Review – Another Mail Order Scam Exposed! - Logo

Name: 30 Day Success Formula

Website: https://30daysuccessformula.com/

Owner: Karen Osborne

Co-owner: Simon Petrowski

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing Company

Price: $89 + up to $27,500 Upsells

Legit/Scam: Scam

Summary: 30 Day Success Formula is a multi-level marketing company that operates via a mail-order program. Sending and receiving payments is done through direct mails, where flyers about products and services that the company offers are also included. The company is also offering an E-Learning which involves online marketing courses. However, there are many issues that surround this company, especially on the topics about their legitimacy.

Product Score
Total 5%

Recommended:  No

What is 30 Day Success Formula?

30 Day Success Formula is an online and offline company that operates in a Multi-level Marketing Scheme. They are known for running a direct mail biz op which enables them to send and receive flyers, payments, and goods (training courses) to their members or potential recruits.

Many has been claiming that 30 Day Success Formula a pyramid scheme. I think this is because there are no actual products sold by them, but rather focusing more on recruitment and selling multi-levels of membership.

About The Company

30 Day Success Formula Review – Another Mail Order Scam Exposed! - About The Company

On their website, you will only find little information about the company. And I think the only way for you to get full access to their website is when someone from inside 30 Day Success Formula sends you a physical mail invitation and then you register using that person’s referral code or something.

How clever, right?

Fortunately, I found a marketing flyer inside one of the digital PDF files they send out to their members. Accessing their site is not easy and will require you to input a pass code.

Thankfully, the PDF has it so I still managed to take a peek inside their website and took notes of what possibly they can offer.

Once inside, there is not much information that you will find but only words about opportunities, earning passive income, and payment processes. I also noticed that they have no detailed information about who the company owner is.

I tried digging and finally found names of their owners on their BBB profile: Karen Osborne as the owner and Simon Petrowski as the co-owner.

However, you will never find anything about them on the Internet. It’s quite suspicious, right?

Moreover, let’s continue.

How Does It Work?

Like any other MLM companies, 30 Day Success Formula sells various membership levels. The higher the level you are in, the higher your commission is. If you start low, which is mostly how we all start out, then you can’t expect to earn much.

Also, for them to earn bigger, they will push you to upgrade. Their professional sellers will try to deal higher membership levels to you, then to your referrals.

Another part of the program is where you have to get referrals, not by talking to them but instead by sending them letters.

In order for you to get those marketing letters, you need to order them from the company.

In short, you pay the company so they can send out letters to your potential recruits. They are also the one responsible for dealing with them. You are promised to do nothing but pay.

In this way, you do not have control over the process; you will never know anything about your earnings and how the recruiting went unless you buy another set of letters consist of your income sales report.

The process will continue as much as you want to be updated about your earnings, where buying letters alone will surely give the company higher earnings.

Membership Levels and Features

Below are the different membership levels that they offer and the services you can access:

  1. Level 1
    1. E-Learning Module 1: Having A Successful Mindset
    2. Welcome to Success Kit – includes a detailed product and service booklet, steps to maximize the benefits you can get from each product or service, Welcome to 30 Day Success letter containing details about their rules, regulations, and recommendations, and Advertisement Order Forms.
    3. A $30 commission per direct sales
    4. A $20 commission per indirect sales
  2. Level 2
    1. All features from Level 1
    2. E-Learning Module 2: Lead Generation
    3. $100 commission per direct sales
    4. $50 commission per indirect sales
  3. Level 3
    1. All Level 2 features
    2. Business Toolkit
    3. E-Learning Module 3 to Module 8 – containing courses about Productivity, Advertising, Automation, Communication, Finances, and Sales Strategies on how to triple your earnings.
    4. $400 commission per direct sales
    5. $200 commission indirect sales
  4. Level 4
    1. All Level 3 features
    2. E-Learning Module 4 to Module 8
    3. $1000 commission per direct sales
    4. $400 commission per indirect sales
  5. Level 5
    1. 20X Your Income
    2. All features form Level 4
    3. Access to Fast Track Credit Repair including inquiries and collections removal
    4. Free website to generate more autopilot leads and sales
  6. Level 6
    1. All level 5 features
    2. Own CORP or LLC complete with Fed Tax ID, registered agents and officers list, bylaws, corporate seal and shares certificate (3 day electronic delivery).
    3. $6000 commission per direct sales
    4. $1500 commission per indirect sales
  7. Level 7
    1. All level 6 features
    2. Access to done-for-you online store or access to private, profit-share group
    3. $10,000 commission per direct sales
    4. $5000 commission per indirect sales

How Much Does It Costs?

30 Day Success Formula Review – Another Mail Order Scam Exposed! - Costs

These are the cost that you will be expected to pay when purchasing their membership offers and other expenses:

  1. Membership Costs
    1. Level 1 – $89
    2. Level 2 – $250
    3. Level 3 – $1000
    4. Level 4 – $2500
    5. Level 5 – $5000
    6. Level 6 – $12,500
    7. Level 7 – $27,500
  2. Prices for the Letters
    1. 1,000 Letters – $1,338
    2. 400 Letters – $599
    3. 200 Letters – $299

30 Day Success Formula Ugly Truths Revealed!

30 Day Success Formula Review – Another Mail Order Scam Exposed! - Ugly Truths Exposed

Now this is where I want you to pay closer attention to.

For businesses like 30 Day Success Formula, it is important to know whether it is BBB accredited or not.

Unfortunately, I found out that it is not BBB accredited. Not only that, they are also RATED F due to the 131 unanswered complaints filed against the company.

Even BBB performed further investigations based on the pattern of complaints received by the company. They even sent a a certified letter to the company on July 11, 2019 but did not receive any response.

Furthermore, BBB also stated more ugly truths about the company as listed below:

  1. 30 Day Success Formula is not a Wisconsin corporation according to the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions. Instead, the three business address that the company reported are just UPS stores.
  2. The company was found misusing the BBB logo and accreditation on their advertising claims.
  3. Questions about their advertising claims have been raised by The Better Business Bureau team, including:
    1. The proof of identity of the 30 Day Success Formula’s co-owner Simon Petrowski
    2. Proof of the testimonials from some of their customers which includes their experience in using the product and services, customer references, and earnings data.
    3. Proof of their 3% response rate claims.
    4. Proof of their “second to none reputation” in paying out commissions correctly.
    5. Proof of their claims about having “real products” offered.
    6. Substantiation of the “20X Income” claim.
    7. Proof of license/registration of their “Fast Track Credit Repair” service provider.
    8. More information of the “90-day Money Back Guarantee”.
    9. And more proofs about many of their claims.

You can read all of this information and more in BBB’s 30 Day Success Formula Alerts page.

On June 7, 2019, BBB have not received any response from the company yet. And as of September 23, 2019, BBB noticed that the company updated their advertising but has still not provided proofs to many of the issues cited.

30 Day Success Formula Review – Another Mail Order Scam Exposed! - BBB Alerts
30 Day Success Formula Review – Another Mail Order Scam Exposed! - BBB Alerts

30 Day Success Formula Reviews

Here are some of the customer reviews and complaints about the company:

30 Day Success Formula Review – Another Mail Order Scam Exposed! - Complaints
30 Day Success Formula Review – Another Mail Order Scam Exposed! - Complaints
30 Day Success Formula Review – Another Mail Order Scam Exposed! - Complaints

True or not, they should all be answered. However, out of the 131 complaints in BBB, not one has been answered by the company.

What I Like About 30 Day Success Formula

I could almost say that there is nothing that I liked about this company, but I will still give credit to their effort in providing online marketing courses.

But that’s all I can find to like about them. Other than that, there is nothing more to like and trust.

What I Don’t Like

Obviously, there are so many things that I don’t like about this company. To name a few, they are:

    1. Very expensive membership fees and letter prices.
    2. Outdated method of marketing (direct mail sending).
    3. Incomplete and unproven customer testimonials.
    4. No real customer earnings data presented.
    5. Unrealistic income claims.
    6. No actual products sold.
    7. You do nothing but pay them to send letters.
    8. Focused more on recruiting without an actual product sold.
    9. Dishonest with their advertising claims.
    10. No transparent information about how the company works and who are the owners.
    11. They take no action in terms of customer concerns.

Is 30 Day Success Formula a Scam?

In my opinion, yes, 30 Day Success Formula is a scam.

I found many red flags about this company that can be related to a scam and the illegal pyramid scheme. They are also dishonest on their advertising claims and other vital information.

It is hard to trust when a company is found to be doing these schemes, so please avoid them.

Finally, the 30 Day Success Formula scam is now revealed.

If you are tired of scams, you can check out my top recommended product and become a successful online entrepreneur like me and earn a livable income!

You can even sign up now and start building your business even from scratch for free.

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