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PRODUCT NAME: Forever Living

OWNER NAME: Rex Maughan (CEO)


RATING:  6/10

There are different ways of earning money from home and it can be sourced out from different industries, one of which is from selling and marketing health and wellness products. Forever Living is a company that provides a reward to people an extra income without necessarily making a risky investment. Even their offers for a money making opportunity looks and sounds legit, many can’t still avoid asking is Forever Living a scam? Here is our review on this health and wellness income opportunity that will help in giving you an insight on what this scheme is all about.

Is Forever Living A Scam?

Forever Living is a company in the health and wellness industry that offers a business opportunity to anyone who wants to sign up to sell its products. It gives people the impression that by becoming a member of the company you will be starting your own business without risky investments to make. It offers a reward to individuals who work based on their passion and grabs the given opportunity to achieve the extra income. According to its marketing pitch you will be starting your own home based business with the opportunity of receiving good pay checks and wonderful perks and bonuses. You can potentially secure your financial future by selling out the Forever Living products. The company has been around since 1978 and it has become a multi-billion dollar business. It has a worldwide presence and its numerous products made from Aloe Vera are available worldwide. While the company is selling products in general it also employs a recruiting scheme which is passed out as a business opportunity.

Forever Living Business Opportunity Scheme

One can potentially earn an income from the Company in two ways. The first is by product selling and the second is through its recruitment scheme. In order to avail of the commission from selling out products and recruitment it is important to understand the requirement of paying for a fixed amount as an upfront payment every month. The amount of the commission is taken from the overly priced products which you have to maintain of buying every month in order to qualify for the commission in every purchase made by your customer. From an honest opinion, this requirement of maintaining personal purchases in order to qualify for the commission is a sort of sales exploitation.

Salesmen from Forever Living will present the business opportunity through its herbal products. You will be listening to different sales pitches on how you will get rich quickly. In order to entice signups they will flash to you luxurious vehicles that some of the sales leaders were able to purchase by dedicating their time and effort in investing on the Forever Living products and business. Some will even show pictures of the paychecks that its dealers are earning. The business opportunity offered to you will cost about $414.70 for the Touch of Forever Combo or two case credits of products. For wholesale case credit you have to subscribe in the amount of $140, $200 for retail and $170 for Novus Customer Pricing. It is critical to maintain 4 personal case credits every month and to remain active in selling to qualify for the other incentives and diagnosis.


If there is something good about the Forever Living income scheme it is about not losing your rank and team despite the failure of meeting the required personal purchases to qualify for the commission. Some of its products are also good and effective but are sold expensively. The compensation scheme pays the commission earned to the unlimited down lines.


Forever Living products are sold at an overpriced rate. You will usually see products being sold at discounted prices for retail, but despite of this the products do not get any less on its price as compared to the other products of different brands. You will also not quality to avail of the additional income or commission if you do not maintain your monthly personal purchases. Initially, they will insist you to start the Touch of Forever Combo at $414.70. The subscriber of Forever Living usually sells their products to their down line than to the public so the scheme is actually more on focusing of recruitment, selling and earning a commission.


Is Forever Living a scam? There is a good reason to think that it is a legit company that operates by causing people to believe they are having their own business by selling Forever Living products and recruitment. It has been in the industry for quite some time considering that its product market continuously survive the competition but beyond this seemingly legit operation are some quite tricky strategies of sales exploitation that requires their members to maintain good credit standing by purchasing the required items that are sold very expensively. Hence, it is best to conclude that you need not have to spend this much for the Forever Living products since no one will live forever after all.

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