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Is Forever Affiliate a scam? Better than nothing.

Review on Forever Affiliate

Product Name: Forever Affiliate

Owners: Andrew Henson

Price: $197


Rating: 75/100

Forever Affiliate

Internet marketing products are extensively used by internet marketers now and as an internet marketer, you will have a variety of products to choose from. The best product will always have the advantage and most marketer especially newbie will check out and purchase the product, thereafter apply this knowledge to make some passive income for themselves.

Forever Affiliate are the in-thing product over a period in YR2013 and many marketers bought this product and apply it to their online business. It is one of the product that year as it teaches you to find the correct strategies to create a profitable niche and build an authority website of your own.

Well, let’s get on to review this product.

What is Forever Affiliate?

Forever Affiliate is a training website created by Andrew Henson which teaches internet marketers through in-depth videos on building a website and to start off with affiliate marketing. Forever Affiliate is the product in the internet in YR2013 and was on par with products such as Google Sniper. Basically, it is one of the product internet marketers used back then.

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The thing about internet marketing, it evolves quite rapidly and most information that was used 2 years ago are kind of obsolete. This is because of the search engine sites often change their processes and as such, information like backlinking are not able to be used any longer. In Forever Affiliate, one of the information that was relayed to members are backlinking and it is still being used now.

In his introductory page, you can find a lot of contents which is quite interesting. The contents are rather long and I did not read much honestly. Interestingly, there are 3 phases you will need to go through after you purchase the product.

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Should you follow Forever Affiliate?

There is a onetime payment of $197 and 60 days money back guarantee. It is quite affordable product to own and you will get information that you need to apply it to your online business.

The videos presentation is easy to follow and there are good information throughout the program such as getting the right niche and strategies of to make a good content out of your website. The website builder Forever Affiliate uses is WordPress and is one of the reliable website builders which you can trust.

Forever Affiliate also encouraged high quality content which is a good, By creating a high quality content, this will determine your site authority and thus optimizes the SEO.

Overall, it is a good value in terms of video contents and easy to follow steps to create a niche and build a profitable website. However, there are a couple of red flags that you need to take note.


Although the program are a good value, Andrew Henson teaches you on backlinking strategies which will affects your credibility in the long term. Search engines like Google has hanged their processes over the years and actually will penalized websites utilizing on backlinkings.

Another red flags is Forever Affiliates claims that you can received a lot of money in a short period of time. Don’t believe in this hype and if you are new in this trade, you should look into website building than believing you can get lots of money fast.


Forever Affiliate is legit and not a scam from my point of view. Overall, it is a good product but is outdated in terms of the strategies such as backlinking and creating mini-sites. The strategies now have changed and doing what Forever Affiliate does is not recommended.

From my point of view, you can learn the knowhow on creating a profitable niche and create a website with high quality contents by opting for other alternative products or programs  in the internet and I am not a bit sceptical to recommend you this product by Forever Affiliate although you can learn some useful strategies in this product.

If you wish to know more about creating a profitable website, you can subscribe to my email list on the right and I will provide you with the details on internet marketing covering niches and other interesting stuff. I would recommend my #1 recommend product and you can read my review on tis program. It is an honest training site with a wonderful community and you will be learn many interesting stuff about internet marketing.

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