Is The Infinity Downline A Scam? – Another Pyramid Schemes

PRODUCT NAME: Infinity Downline

OWNER NAME: Peter Wolfing

WEBSITE: and it redirects to

RATING:  2/10

Many of us want to find a very comfortable way of earning money with an eye for a promising business opportunity to start with. There are different products in the internet offering different learning opportunities of boosting your chance to learn how to start your own business. One of this is the Infinity Downline which offers training materials and tools for building your own business success. It is an affiliate program selling membership in order to have access to its training software. Before you avail of the membership program, you are probably wondering is the Infinity Downline a scam? Here’s our insight about the product.

Is the Infinity Downline a scam? – The tricks

The Infinity Downline is an affiliate program that sells membership in order to access its software consisting of training tools and materials. It apparently helps you earn an affiliate income as well by allowing you to earn a referral commission for every sign up of the people you refer to the program and those people they refer thereafter. There is no doubt that this is just another cash gifting pyramid scheme where you make a direct payment to the person who recruited you and you also get direct payment from the person you recruited to join the program. While it appears that this just a pyramid scam which is generally illegal in most states, Infinity Downline was never shut down because they run a legitimate business of offering out of date and low value products which cover for the amount that its subscribers pay for. They conduct a tricky business where they operate a legit business that delivers poor quality product and behind it is the pyramiding scheme that is discreet enough for others not to notice.

What is noticeable is that each sale from the site is final and non-refundable. This means that you have no other recourse but to take its digital products even you find them not worthy of your money. Most of the videos are actually made from Fire Ball which is no longer active in the market today. Their digital products are also outdated. The training materials are listed on Windows version 7. But know that Window’s latest version is now 11. Moreover, its Resale Right sales video is also of low value. It provides a compensation plan that was created in 2009 and it hasn’t been updated with the current compensation plan that is being implemented. Currently, you are no longer eligible to receive pass ups for life once you get 4 people and when one drop out you need to replace the person in your downline in order to remain eligible.

Infinity Downline compensation plan

There is also something wrong with Infinity Downline compensation plan. In order to start earning a commission from your downline, your downline must pass up two qualifiers to make you eligible for a commission. Any in case one or two of your donwlines will drop out of the program you will no longer be eligible to earn a commission and thus you need to replace them. Unless your downline remain to be active forever there is no guarantee that you will continue to earn a commission and you need to continuously fill up your dropped out downline. There is actually no way of fixing this compensation system which becomes unredeemable once you are unable to maintain your downline’s active status. In short, the compensation scheme is not sustainable and it is known to be long term failure scheme in the field of MLM.

While you continuously bring money to the company by referral of people as your downline there is a chance that you will not really earn anything in case your downline drops out but the people behind the Infinity Downline continue to roll cash from your referrals and downline on different levels. There is also no clarity on how much you are earning on the other levels as you will not know the proliferation of sales of the people under you. It also helps to know that legitimate businesses usually drive income for their people through sales of products and services and not through recruitment of people. What is also bothersome is when you click on the official site of the Infinity Downline, you are actually redirected to another site that sells educational materials which are quite expensive to purchase, like the Fitness Advantage at $250, Wealth Advantage Elite at $1,000, Network Marketing Edge at $3500 and The Vault at $7500.


While the Infinity Downline offers a way of earning an income, there is no doubt that the only way that you can earn from it is by recruiting people. This form of compensation scheme is not sustainable in the long term and there is no guarantee that you will be eligible of getting your commission because of the possibility that your downline will drop out which cuts your earning rights from the program. So if you ask is Infinity Downline a scam? it probably is because of the tricky way of presenting what appears to be a legit business but actually scams the money out of its subscribers.

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