Wyzant Tutoring Reviews - Legit Work-From-Home Opportunity or Scam?

Wyzant Tutoring Reviews

Welcome to my Wyzant Tutoring Reviews!

Working from home is really a trend these days and a great opportunity to do that is to become an online tutor.

If you are fond of helping students with their studies through teaching, then Wyzant is open for you to join. They have opportunities for both people who would want to earn by tutoring and those who would want to pay for their services.

To put that clearly, Wyzant is a platform that allows people to earn by becoming one of their tutors. Some Wyzant tutoring reviews say that the platform is a great place to earn cash while others say it’s a bad idea to join Wyzant.

So now, I believe you would want to offer some tutoring services, too, but you are kind of confused about Wyzant.

Congratulations because you are here in this Wyzant Tutoring Review, therefore, let me help you go through this platform and discover what is it about, how it works and is Wyzant tutoring a scam or not.

Furthermore, you will also learn here the good, the bad, and the ugly truth about Wyzant in this review.

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Wyzant Tutoring Reviews Summary

Wyzant Tutoring Reviews Summary

Name: Wyzant

Website: https://www.wyzant.com/

Co-Founder: Andrew Geant and Mike Weishun

Launched: September 1, 2005

Type: Work-From-Home Platform For Tutoring Services

Eligibility: US Residents Only

Price: Free

Scam/Legit: Legit

Summary: Wyzant is a platform that offers tutoring services to its customers and at the same time hires tutors to perform the tutoring service for both online and in-person setup. Various Wyzant tutoring reviews have been around and some say joining Wyzant is a bad idea. But there are also people who claim to have earned good cash online while just working at the comforts of their home because of Wyzant. Learn more about this platform and decide if it is a good fit for you or not.

Product Score
Total 60%

Recommended: No

What is Wyzant?

Founded by co-founders Andrew Geant and Mike Weishun, Wyzant is an online platform or marketplace for both students and tutors. The business started in the year 2005 and still is quite impressively working up to this day.

Moreover, the company is based in Chicago and opens its doors for tutors around the United States. Over the years, they already have more than 80,000 instructors handling more than 300 subjects with over 1,000,000 lessons.

When looking at their sales page, you will really see that Wyzant is already an established company that has impressive results, which I find to be a very good point when talking about credibility. You can also say that Wyzant is already old but still kicking its way up in the market.

How Does It Work?

“Whether you’re new to tutoring or a proven professional, the most effective way to build and run your own profitable tutoring company is to list your services on Wyzant”, that’s what you will read on their page.

So how does it work if ever you would like to join Wyzant? You can see below the process you need to go through:

1. Sign-up as a Tutor for Wyzant

Signing up in Wyzant is free, but you need to take heed of their eligibility requirements. First is that you need to complete their application form. And so that your application will be considered, you need to be 18 years of age and above, be a resident of the United States and possess a valid Social Security Number.

2. Create Your Profile

After a successful application, you can now create your profile inside Wyzant’s member’s area. On your profile, you can add your picture, videos, student reviews and more to showcase your qualifications and experience to potential students to review.

3. Start Looking for Opportunities and Get Paid

Finally, when you are all set up, you can now start applying for tutoring opportunities and start earning.

Inside Wyzant

If you already have successfully created your profile, you can now be able to access these additional features inside Wyzant:

1. Tutoring Opportunities

Inside Wyzant, you will have access to Wyzant’s list of tutoring opportunities where you will be able to apply for available jobs at your desired rate. In Wyzant, millions of new students and parents come and search for good tutors to hire and learn from.

2. Tutoring Business Account Management

Being a tutor in Wyzant means that you have your own tutoring business. And to keep you organized while doing your business, Wyzant gives you access to their management tools. With it, you can schedule and sync your lessons with your personal calendar, collect students’ ratings and reviews to feature on your tutor profile, report and track your lesson and payment history, provide helpful lesson feedback for students and parents, view student improvement over time and more.

3. Hassle-Free Payment

Wyzant offers a fast and hassle-free payment process where you can choose your own hourly rate, receive payment through direct deposit or check, and resolve billing issues on time.

Cost and Fees

Although joining Wyzant is free, there are still underlying costs inside. Let’s take a look at it:

1. Background Check Expenses

If you are applying for the in-person tutor position, you will be required to undergo their background check where you will be handling the cost.

2. Wyzant Fees

Your hourly rate as a tutor works around $10 to $40. With those rates, Wyzant takes a percentage of that and keep them as the fee for using their platform. Some find their rates high while some are just okay with it. So the more hours you work, the lesser fee you will have to pay. Here are the percentage of fees they take from you according to how much hours you work:

  1. 40% – 0 to 20 hours
  2. 35% – 21 to 50 hours
  3. 30% – 51 to 200 hours
  4. 25% – 201 to 400 hours
  5. 20% – 401 hours and more

Who is Wyzant Best Fit For?

If you are into teaching and imparting your knowledge through one-on-one tutoring to help students with their studies, then Wyzant is the best fit for you.

However, Wyzant is only open to residents of the USA. So there you go, you can weigh the points from there if it is the best fit for you.

Moreover, there are more ways to earn good cash online such as Affiliate Marketing.

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What I Like About Wyzant

Here are the things that I like about Wyzant:

1. Free to Join

I like the fact that joining Wyzant is free, so yeah, I’m giving them a good point for that.

2. A+ BBB Rating

A+ BBB Rating

It is also good to see that Wyzant has kept an A+ rating in the Better Business Bureau, although many complaints have been raised against them. But, those complaints have been faithfully addressed where I think that’s one of the reasons why they are A+.

3. Established Company

Wyzant is still operating for more than 2 decades already, and I think that is something people will consider when deciding to join Wyzant. So their proven experience in the business is something that I like.

4. Transparent and Honest

From the people behind Wyzant to the percentage of shares they take from you, they are completely honest and transparent with that. And I believe that is something to look into when joining a company.

What I Don’t Like

Aside from the things that I like, here are also what I don’t like about Wyzant:

1. Fees May Be Too High Sometimes

There will be times when you will find their fees so high that you will start to wonder if you are earning enough. That’s why their pro-rated fees quite discouraging for some people.

2. Tutors are Being Scammed

There are a few complaints from Wyzant tutors about students scamming them, and this is kind of disturbing. These students tend to take advantage of tutors to the point where tutors are being asked to do the student’s assignment. Then, after the assignment or the lesson is done, the student then drops a low rating or requests for a refund of the pay they gave to the tutor. This is really something the management should look into because these types of students will rip off tutors out of Wyzant in no time.

Is Wyzant Tutoring A Scam?

No, Wyzant is definitely not a scam. But I hope that in the Wyzant Tutoring Reviews that you have read, you are able to decide if you’ll join them or not.

Also, Wyzant is not open to everyone around the world, but just for the people around USA, so I guess that is one of the reasons why I cannot recommend this to everyone.

Hence, it is a good platform where you can join and start earning while teaching.

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