Is Full Sail University A Scam? – Not Really Worth It

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One of the universities that are getting a lot of negative impressions is the Full Sail University. While this educational institution offers legitimate courses on varieties of fields many are still asking is Full Sail University a scam? Why the issue regarding the university being a scam or not, so we tried to dig on the issue and here’s what we found out.

Is Full Sail Academy A Scam?

Full Sail Academy is a private college institution that offer courses on media, arts and entertainment that include mobile development, game designs, file recording art and internet marketing. It has its own production studio and classrooms within its own campus where students spend about 32 to 40 hours of class including laboratory classes a week. The university campus operates 24/7 and the classes may take place at any time of the day and night. The course offerings of the university are also available for online classes where the students are able to collaborate with one another and with their professors in an online environment.

Where the bad reputation comes from

Full Sail Academy has been around since 1979 in Florida and this should make them a highly credible university, right? But despite being around for many years the university suffers a bad reputation. For many reasons the university has been tagged as a scam considering the following:

  1. Being a collegiate institution for profit

Many students complain that the Full Sail Academy is a for profit collegiate institution as compared to the non-profit universities offering the same courses. Considering it operates for a profit, the university operates like a business for the purpose of generating an income for its investors. As compared to non-profit education institutions which are receiving financial supports for its operation coming from donations and the government as major sources of its income, Full Sail University focuses on profiting from their students instead of raising the standards of education it delivers for the public. Its implication is that the university relies on marketing for profit instead of delivering quality education to its students.

  1. Expensive tuition fees

The tuition fees from Full Sail University are not cheap. Getting an Associate’s Degree for a year will cost you around $31,000 for in-campus education and $29,000 for online education per year. A Bachelor’s Degree that takes 2 years to finish costs around $75,000 a year for in-campus education and $55,000 for online education per year. The advantage of their courses is that these are accelerated courses that will enable you to finish your Associate’s and Bachelor’s Degrees within a shorter period but for a cost. In addition to its expensive tuition fees are other fees associated to the cost of software, tools and facilities to be used for each course which may impose an additional $2,000 to $3,000 on top of the tuition fees to pay for.

  1. Issues on accreditation

Full Sail University is nationally accredited with the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC). While it sounds good that it is a nationally accredited institution, there are issues confronting its students the moment they transfer to a different college or a university. Considering it is not regionally accredited, some course credits obtained from the Full Sail University are not recognized by other schools or not given any credit at all. This is perhaps one of the major sources of frustrations among students coming from the university. Paying for an extremely expensive course which credits are not even recognized by other universities is such a waste of money. If you do not intend to finish your study from Full Sails Academy you should probably consider not enrolling there at all in the first place.

  1. Only offer specialty degrees

There are limited courses offered by the university. Being a specialty degree you should first and foremost consider whether you really need taking such degree on entertainment and arts and if the job placement for such course is promising. Consider the cost of education by enrolling in this university against the potential income you can possibly generate from obtaining it.


Despite all the negative things mentioned about the university, it can be concluded that it is a legitimate education institution. To answer is Full Sail University a scam? it is reasonable to say it is not. However, it seems that enrolling to the university may not be really worth it considering the potential challenges that you might have to overcome the moment you are already engaged as a student. Considering the cost of expenses on the tuition fees and the risk of accreditation issues where course credits from the university not being credited by other schools you are taking a big risk by enrolling to the Full Sail University.

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