Is House Sitting Academy a Scam?

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Does house sitting appeal you where you get the chance to travel around the world with a free accommodation and getting paid for your services? This is the promising offer of the House Sitting Academy which claims to teach the best way to house sit and help you to land the ideal job for you. If this sounds appealing to you, you are probably wondering is House Sitting Academy a scam before making your purchase. This review will help you weigh your decision whether signing up for the training will be worth your money and time.

Is House Sitting Academy a scam – What makes the program appealing?

The House Sitting Academy is owned by Nat and Jodie who claim to have proven 10-step system in giving you confidence and the competency to house sit effectively. The catching sales pitch of the program is the guarantee that it will help you save a fortune for accommodation costs. In order to achieve this goal you need to purchase its program at a cost of $197. The training system includes teaching you how to use house sitting in order to travel the world while making you an experienced house sitter that will give you the advantage of getting the job immediately. The training program will also give you access to professional wisdom of its creator about house sitting that will assist in helping you gain confidence on becoming a professional house sitter like them.


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As a bonus to the training program that comes with your money are the Inner Circle private referral network and the academy member and graduate badges. The Inner Circle provides personal recommendation to home owners with top level referral house sits across the globe. You also get a promotion gig for your business through the projects involved in the program with 24/7 support with live advice about house sitting from veteran sitters worldwide. In short, the Inner Circle gets you connected to other professional house sitters from around the world which helps you grow your education about the market and industry. The academy member and graduate badges gives the member an advantage in getting house sitting jobs. It usually attracts homeowners to get dedicated home sitters who have undergone training about house sitting and getting the badge is like getting identified as a quality house sitter. This will benefit a member from getting chosen quickly among house sitter applicants.

Is House Sitting Academy worth signing up for?

There are many good signs indicating House Sitting Academy is a legitimate online program. More than its sales pitch are the testimonial from people who appear to be real ones who subscribed for their training system and there are fewer negative feedbacks that I can find online. But what really catches my attention is that the House Sitting Academy is being sold on Clickbank, which is an online marketplace to purchase something and the buyers are protected with its refund policy. Unlike many scams in the internet where you are taken to a different site by clicking a link to make a purchase for their products (which by the way unknown to you whether it is a secured site or not), the House Sitting Academy product can be purchased directly at the Clickbank site. By purchasing the product from Clickbank you get a sense of security that you can get a refund for your money if you are not satisfied with your purchase within 60 days.


Another worth noting about the site is they provide a book that explains in detail about what the House Sitting Academy can do for you with information about getting started with house sitting and other know-how information that you need to know. The catch is you need to purchase the product at a price of $7.99 from Kindle. For someone who may be skeptic about the program, knowing that the creators of the House Sitting Academy labored to write a book to get an overview about house sitting may be a good indication that they are probably experts in this field.


It is worth asking is House Sitting Academy a scam because you get to gauge the pros and cons about purchasing the product. The program appears to be legit with vast information to back up their claims that its creators are the experts on the field of house sitting.

Moreover, the product appears to have good feedbacks from customers who purchased it at Kindle and Clickbank. Statistically wise, there are also fewer requests for a refund which is indicative of satisfaction among the buyers of the product. I must say that the product is probably worth a try. Otherwise, you can always ask for a refund if you feel unsatisfied with the outcome of enrolling for the program.

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