Is Wealthy Affiliate University a Scam? – Program Over Deliver

We are coming to the last quarter of 2017 and heading 2018 soon. So before I start today’s post, let me wish you an early Halloween. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Wealthy Affiliate Scam

Lately in a Facebook group that I joined for 2 years come out with a discussion about Wealthy Affiliate University. There are people giving their opinion that the Wealthy Affiliate method of teaching online business is to bash other peoples’ products so to promote it. This discussion gathers quite a lot of comment some are positive and some of course negative.

So in order to give you a clear picture is Wealthy Affiliate University a scam? I am going to walk you through the insight of this community the bright and dark side.

Does Wealthy Affiliate Works?

Let me get you to understand a simple thing. There is no program in this world guarantee success. Even in school you get the best teacher to teach does not guarantee every single student gets good grade.

The training within WA by Kyle and Carson might not be the best in the world, but certainly enough to take an average Joe from knowing nothing to make money online through affiliate marketing.

So Joe just needs to join WA and start making money? No, that is not true. Joe needs to go through the training, lesson, apply what he learn and take action.

You have to give a certain amount of time and effort to make it happen. How long time needed to get results? That again does not depend on WA, it all depend on you.

Wealthy Affiliate Boot Camp Teach Member to Bash Others

WA Affiliate Bootcamp

First of all WA affiliate program pays good commission to their members, but not really a lot. Compare to other products that pay even more like a few hundred or thousand per sales, why do WA members still promote it?

Clearly is a program strongly recommends to everyone like you and me. Cause it is afforable and content lot of value.

Some people get the wrong thinking that WA teach their members to bash other products. To review negative every single product so to divert it back to WA.. As you can see some or most of the products in this internet industry is pitching you not helping you.

“When human created internet and internet scammers are born”
By Cena Yong

You feel most of the website that heavily promoting WA is out to earn commission. Yes and No. Some are truly helping you. Some are misleading. For the misleading are those who claim that you can make money online easily when you join WA.

You don’t like the idea for these WA promoters to earn a part of the commission. To make it easy goes straight to the Wealthy Affiliate website and sign up, but what difference does it make. You are paying the exact same amount. When you land on the site looking for opportunity or review and found the author giving you valuable information, why not give he or she the support.

Most important of all WA Bootcamp is awesome if you willing to learn, but it doesn’t mean is a do or die thing. It is your choice, you are not forced to do so.

Online Entrepreneur Certification

You can start off with your passion for what interest you most. You get the best training available there.

Wealthy Affiliate Complaints

I have not seen anyone who never complains before. Some complaints can be ridiculous and some valid. There are people who sign up and don’t learn, but expect to see results. Come on, you go fishing without a fishing rod and bait. How on earth are you going to hook on a fish.

There is a blogging platform for all WA members, there are cases where some blog is being deleted by Kyle and Carson. Some WA members are not happy when their blog post is being deleted. As I can say most of these deleted blog post are due to spamming and personal attacking. Spamming are strictly not allow within WA.


Is Wealthy Affiliate University a scam or what? It is 100% legit and over delivers. You can expect more to come in 2017. I highly recommend to sign up a free account and experience it yourself. There is nothing to lose. Sign Up Here

If you are taking things seriously and willing to put in your time and effort. Here is an opportunity and get started for free

It comes with WordPress Express Website Builder with Hosting, Weekly Live Webinar, SEO, Access to all levels of online business training, 1 on 1 training from the expert around the world.

Special bonus if sign up here. Get Access

  1. SIMPLE7: Seven Steps to Building a Successful Niche Website
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is the wealthy affiliate a scam or what




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