Is The Rich Life Letter A Scam? - Earn Profits Through Investing?

Is The Rich Life Letter A Scam?

Welcome to The Rich Life Letter Review!

If you need financial advice, the Rich Life Letter is the one to help you out.

Or is it?

Many people claimed that they have been receiving lots of newsletters from the Rich Life Letter and they are wondering if the information they get from this product can be trusted.

Fortunately, we will look into the Rich Life Letter today and eventually help you with your questions about this financial advisor. 

Moreover, let’s find out what is the Rich Life Letter about, how does it work, and is the Rich Life Letter a scam or not.

Furthermore, find out the good, the bad, and the ugly truth about the Rich Life Letter now in this review!

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The Rich Life Letter Review Summary

The Rich Life Letter Review Summary

Name: The Rich Life Letter


Owner: Agora Financial

Financial Editor: Nilus Mattive

Type: Financial and Investment Newsletter

Price: $49 to $89

Scam/Legit: Legit

Summary: The Rich Life Letter is an investment newsletter from the financial company Agora Financial. Nilus Mattive, Agora Financial’s Editor, is the one responsible for the newsletters sent out to their email list or subscribers. However, the trustworthiness of the information inside these letters is put in question because of its misleading marketing strategies and the use of contradictory information. Let’s find out more about it below.

Product Score
Total 30%

Recommended: No

What is The Rich Life Letter?

The Rich Life Letter is nothing more but a simple newsletter sent out to your email by Agora Financial to give you some advice about stock investments and other financial opportunities. Such information is said to be hidden from the general public, and their promotional stock opportunities considered “hidden treasure” with the potential to increase prices significantly.

Additionally, most of the information you will get from this newsletter is about startup investments which in reality is quite risky and hard to predict and stock market income strategies.

Hence, this information may be quite helpful but still, people claim that there are some things which they find to be doubtful about the information on The Rich Life Letter. They tell you something about receiving checks at about $597 to $6,189 with a new social security program. Well, actually, this is just about earning with stock investments through dividend payments but I guess they are spinning out some information to keep you engaged.

Furthermore, Nilus Mattive is the person pointed out as the person in charge with the letters. Let’s find out more about him.

Who is Nilus Mattive

Nilus Mattive is the Financial Editor of Agora Financial who has become a widely-recognized expert on income investments and retirement strategies.

Additionally, Nilus has been the editor of Standard and Poor’s flagship investment newsletter and has even written a book called The Standard and Poor’s Guide for the New Investor which was published by McGraw Hill.

Moreover, He also became the director of The Rich Life Project in 2017.

You can read more about Nilus on his bio on the Agora Financial website and learn that the guy actually knows what he is doing. 

With that, Nilus already has proven quite a good and established career and background in the investment and marketing industry which I think you will find as a good point.

How Does It Work?

If you purchase The Rich Life Letter, you will, of course, receive regular emails from Nilus which eventually aims to convert you into becoming one of their customers or future “investors” of their so-called hidden treasure.

Now, let me tell you something about the information you will get from their letters.

One, is that they will talk to you about the hidden potential of the Pre-Initial Public Offering market. This is some kind of an opportunity by investing in start-up businesses (which aims to find the next Google or Uber), hoping they will go up the ladder of success and give you profits. But, this kind of opportunity is risky and would require a lot of trust and investment from you in case it does not work the first time.

Then second, The Rich Life Letter will talk to you about investing in high paying dividend shares. To give you a background, a dividend is your percentage share of a company’s profits which is directly proportional to the sum of your investment. Meaning, the greater you invest, the greater your dividend share is.

Either way, The Rich Life Letter will still make it look like you won’t have to worry with money but instead focus on the huge checks going your way because of some change in the social security system.

Inside The Rich Life Letter

If you sign up for The Rich Life Letter, these are what you will get from it:

1. The Rich Life Financial Newsletter Subscription

You are entitled to a one-year subscription of the Rich Life Letter’s financial advice and recommendations from Nilus Mattive about stocks to buy and the best move for an investment.

2. New Social Security Free Report

I don’t know why they kind of use Trump Administration’s new social security report but they include this inside The Rich Life Letter. This pertains to Trump’s way of making regular people claim social security much more easier.

3. Free E-Book on Pre-IPO

This is a free e-book that talks about inside information about companies preparing for their Initial Public Offering and how you might be able to get rich with them.

4. The Wall Street Instant Machine

This “instant machine” free report talks about how to generate a few hundreds of dollars every month.

4. Baby Boomers 12% Account

The secret to gaining a 12% interest on your bank account.

How Much Does The Rich Life Letter Cost?

Signing up with The Rich Life Letter would cost you $89. On their promotional campaigns, they tell you it will only cost you $49 but I guess it’s just for that sole purpose, to promote.

Also, you are actually not getting any social security program here despite their pitches telling you to nor there will be something related to any of Trump’s programs.

Well, I guess their one of those programs that are after your money more than delivering you any help.

Who is The Rich Life Letter Best Fit For?

Although Nilus Mattive has proven experience and knowledge in the marketing and investing field, thus writing out The Rich Life Letter, I still think the newsletter is not fit for anyone.

It’s just that, there are just too many misleading promises and unsure investment opportunities inside that would require more than just a newsletter and a few e-books.

Therefore, The Rich Life Letter is the best fit for no one.

Moreover, there are more ways to earn good cash online and in my opinion, The Rich Life Letter is not one of them.

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What I Like About The Rich Life Letter

There are a few things I like about The Rich Life Letter, including:

1. They Have Informational Content

They took an effort with their newsletter content, specifically in the person of Nilus Mattive, so I will give a good point for them with that.

2. Legit Company

Agora Financial is a legit company that has been operating in the business for over 2 decades already. You can read on their sales page about their works and accomplishments which I find as a good point in terms of the credibility of the product.

3. Nilus Mattive is an Experienced Financial Expert

Another thing that I like about The Rich Life Letter is the fact that the person writing it is a proven experienced professional in terms of the content of the newsletters.

What I Don’t Like

On the other hand, here are the things I don’t like about The Rich Life Letter:

1. Misleading Promotional Content

I think one of the things that make people turn away from The Rich Life Letter is their misleading sales page. They somewhat tell you about earning a check worth a few hundreds or thousands of dollars where in fact there is no guarantee here. Investing in the things they tell you about (like Stocks and IPO companies) are still subjective, depends upon the flow of the market. So yeah, their sales page is a bit off. Additionally, they are also not so honest with the price of the subscription, so that’s another bad point for them.

2. Expensive Cost for A Newsletter Subscription

I do think that spending $89 for a mere newsletter is a bit too much. In fact, you can actually get lots of free information about investments in the Internet nowadays.

3. No Trump Checks

I really don’t know where did they get such information but it really is making a big issue in terms of the truthfulness of the information. There are actually no Trump checks inside, nor are they in any way related to Trump’s social security program. Or are they? I don’t know but they really need to be transparent and honest with that.

Is The Rich Life Letter A Scam?

No, The Rich Life Letter is definitely not a scam.

However, I cannot recommend this to anyone because of the unfavorable things I stated above. Hence, there are many other ways you can learn about the stock market and investment opportunities without even having to spend too much.

Therefore, I cannot recommend The Rich Life Letter.

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