Is DadaABC A Scam

Is DadaABC A Scam? – Awesome For Teaching English

Is DadaABC A Scam



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Learning English has now become virtual which provides many an opportunity to teach the language and earn from home. There are so many English teachers that make a decent income by spending few hours of their time giving English lessons to students within the virtual environment.

DaDaABC is one of the many companies providing a platform to learn English online and it gives an opportunity for others to teach and work from home. You will probably wonder is DaDaABC a scam? Let us take a look into this platform in this DaDaABC review and find out if it does offer a legitimate way of earning from home.

DadaABC Review


DaDaABC is a China based company that offers a one-on-one lesson for English online for children between the age of 4 and 16. It managed to earn good reputation as one of the best e-learning platforms where different English native speakers are available as online English tutors. The company has been around since 2013 and the number of its online students is growing.

This increased the demand for full time and part time English teachers which can be a good opportunity for an income. Their students are from China, Germany, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, France and Japan.


What is DadaABC?


DaDaABC provides an online platform where to learn the English language with the help of online English teachers. It gives an income opportunity to earn at least $25 per hour by becoming its qualified ESL online English teacher with an average working hour of 15 per week. The classes are held in Shanghai time usually between 6 and 9 in the evening every weekdays.

Weekend classes are held on different hours during the day and night. You need to meet two major qualifications: a bachelor’s degree and you must be a native English speaker. The application process takes 3 to 5 days where you will submit your comprehensive resume, photo and will undergo an initial interview and training. You will be under a probationary period for performance review.


The best thing about DaDaABC is they provide the teaching materials for you. There are three types of classes that you can work on. The trial class is for students you are just trying out the program and the class is shorter (usually 14 minutes). The elective class provides extra curriculum classes with 30 minutes duration. Students who are on a fixed class schedule are under the major class and it may last longer as 1 hour.


Is DadaABC A Scam




Teaching English online for DaDaABC does not only provide a simple teaching career but one that gives your career a progressive growth because of its competitive promotion and compensation package. It is also free to join. The possibility of earning more is good as there are other bonus schemes that you may qualify such as when your students decides to enroll to a regular class after taking the trial class.

You will also be unburdened from preparing your teaching materials since DaDaABC does this for you. Working as an online English teacher for DaDaABC allows you to enjoy a more flexible time to earn extra money at the comfort of your home. The pay is good as well which is not bad even if you work part time only.



Becoming an online English teacher for DaDaABC does not give you employment benefits. Contracts usually last for 6 to 12 months only and you cannot expect it as a long term income source unless you manage to get a contract renewal from them. Some classes will only give you 2 minutes break. The time of the classes is strictly within Shanghai time and the time difference from your country can be a hassle. You also need to invest in a good internet provider to ensure that you conduct the online class smoothly without interruption.


Who is DadaABC For?

DaDaABC is for people who are looking to find an extra income to earn while at home and who loves teaching. It also offers a career advancement opportunity by getting some teaching experience using the DaDaABC platform. Even if you have a regular day time job, the platform offers you an opportunity to earn extra for its weekday classes that are held at night.


My Final Opinion of DadaABC

If you wonder is DaDaABC a scam? it is obviously not. It has gained a good reputation with growing numbers of online students. The opportunity of becoming its ESL English teacher extends outside mainland China which gives vast opportunity for people to earn no matter where they are in the globe provided you qualify based on their requirements. Working as an online teacher for DaDaABC is a legitimate way to earn an income at the comfort of your home.



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