Is Clickworker A Scam

Is Clickworker A Scam


PRODUCT NAME: Clickworker

OWNER NAME: Clickworker Incorporation


RATING:  7/10


A Germany based microjob website called Clickworker caught my attention that becomes a subject of scrutiny and review for the sake of people who are looking for a legitimate job sites to work for. The moment I came across its site, I immediately wonder is Clickworker a scam? To satisfy this intriguing thought, here is my review of its programs and job offers.


Clickworker Review


Clickworker has been around for quite some time since 2005. It was initially founded to specialize in providing internet data services until it transforms into a microjob website that now offers a platform for job opportunities since 2011. It has over 700,000 online workers in 2014 and is now running its business towards crowd sourcing by posting tasks sourced out from different businesses and immediately completed by its online workers. Various job posts available include translating, data entry, writing, surveys, and web research as among many others. The tasks are different and pay at a different rate depending on the difficulty and length of time to complete each. Some tasks are shorter and may take only a few minutes to finish.


What is Clickworker


Clickworker offers a job opportunity that can let you earn as much as $10 to $20 per hour. Joining is free and you can become its bona fide worker once you pass two assessment tests. Those who get high scores on these tests are likely to get priority assignments. Once a member you will have access to the job post portal where you can choose a job, complete them by following the given instructions and get paid for each completed task. While Clickworker offers a legitimate source of income it is best to manage your expectations from your earnings. The jobs you get do not pay much and there is no assurance of getting regular tasks every time you want to work.  Beginners are likely to earn $5 per hour rate but as they progress they can potentially earn higher. The key to earning more is working on a task quick to get another task to work on. Tasks vary hence you need to establish a good learning curve on each so you will be more productive in completing a job work faster. Payments are made through Paypal or a bank account in a Single Euro Payment Area country. A minimum of $10 is required to be able to withdraw earnings from Clickworker weekly through Paypal or monthly through bank deposit.




Clickworker is a good source for a part time job where you can earn the extra income. There are varieties of tasks to work on which make your job options flexible. If you can work fast on each task you are likely to take more work and earn more.


Is Clickworker A Scam




Clickworker does not provide any guaranteed work. Currently there are more workers available than the job posts which makes it hard for you to take tasks immediately. It is not an ideal job to rely for a regular income. Non-native English speaker may also find it hard to get a job or become a member thus jobs are usually scarce among non-US citizens. The job volume varies from a particular country and most jobs usually prefer native English speaker workers. Most workers of Clickworker need to work harder in order to get higher paying jobs and the competition of getting a particular job can be very high especially when priority tasks as assigned to those with a higher rating from the assessment test.


Who is Clickworker For?


Clickworker is good for those looking for an extra income to earn. You can work on a flexible schedule that does not cause conflicts when you are working on another job. Clickworker is not ideal as a regular job since it does not provide regular tasks available to work on. But for someone who like to work part time just to earn the extra money, joining Clickworker provides you an opportunity for the extra income.


My Final Opinion of Clickworker


Clickworker is a legitimate microjob platform. It satisfies to overcome the doubtful question is Clickworker a scam? that I pondered on earlier. It receives good feedback from its workers although there are some downsides in working for the site. Non-US workers may find scarce opportunities to work on high paying jobs but there are decent tasks available to get the extra income. It is best to manage your expectations when you become a Clickworker member since the competition of getting more jobs is high. There are more members than the jobs available so you need to exert effort of ranking high in the assessment test to get priority projects. The greatest challenge of becoming a member of Clickworker is getting more tasks done in order to earn more.


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