Is Userlytics A Scam


Is Userlytics A Scam


PRODUCT NAME: Userlytics

OWNER: Userlytics Corporation


RATING:  8/10


It is amazing to know that there are different ways to earn from home and it could be as simple as visiting a website and giving your opinion about it. Companies like Userlytics are willing to pay people to test a website and give their feedback for a fee.

Before you jump into using the platform hoping to make it another source of work from home income, you should probably ask is Userlytic a scam? Before you invest your time and effort with Userlytic let us see whether this is a legitimate work opportunity that is worth taking.

Userlytics Review


Userlytic has been around since 2009 to provide businesses the ability of understanding their customer preferences and in getting feedback about their website and mobile application performance based on the consumer’s opinion and experience. It provides business owners information about the user experience when visiting their apps and website in order to improve them based on user feedback.

Usability testing has been advantageous for companies in identifying the core usability of their website and applications in order to make it run smoother and more efficiently to meet consumer expectations. Userlytic offers to pay by performing certain tasks such as visiting and interacting with a particular website or application and share your thoughts about it.


What is Userlytics?


Userlytic offers paid tasks for user testers. It can be a source of income to people who like to do simple tasks as visiting a website and give their opinion regarding their user experience. Some tasks involve visiting a website such as an online store and to do follow through the check out process.

The tester will give feedback how efficient is the check out process for the eCommerce store and to share how the process may be improved. Some may also be required to register to an online site, view advertisements and share their user experience about the website layout and what they think about the overall layout and concept for a particular site or app.


Is Userlytics A Scam


In order to become a tester for Userlytics you need to register and complete the profile details. This is important since some businesses are particular about the demographic of a tester or are looking for certain groups of testers with a particular qualification. You will not undergo a qualification test like other testing platforms but the client will be rating you based on how well you give you feedback.

It is best to provide constructive feedback only which can be very helpful to the client in improving the user experience on their site. The higher rating you get the more likely you get an invitation to do the test. You need to have a good internet connection since you will be recording your feedback as you go along the process of visiting the site or app. Some clients require a video recording when testing their sites.


How much will you earn as a user tester?

Testers are paid between $10 and $20 per test. Each job may take an average of 20 to 40 minutes to finish. This is not a bad way of earning an income if you have nothing to do at home. To maximize your earnings you should sign up to as many usability sites, though since your profile qualification may not qualify to some tests available in Userlytics.




Userlytics does not impose a qualification test before you become a tester. The compensation for doing each test is not bad if you are only looking for an extra income to earn while at home. The position as a tester is open worldwide so everyone has the opportunity to work for Userlytics. You can also cash out your earnings anytime since there is no minimum required.




Userlytics is not something you can rely on for a regular income source. Not everyone gets to be invited to do a test especially when the clients impose specific requirements such as the location of the tester allowed to do the test. In some cases you may not feel comfortable doing the test by recording yourself as you visit the site or app and giving feedback along the way.


My Final Opinion of Userlytics


To resolve the question is Userlytics a scam? there are good reasons to believe that it is a legit company that you can try working for. It offers an income opportunity that can add up to your financial earnings. The pay per test is decent enough. In fact it is above the minimum wage and you have the leeway of working at your own time at the comfort of your home. However, Userlytics is not something that you should consider as a reliable income source because you only get invitation once your profile suits that of the client requirement on the tester.


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