Is Twickerz A Scam

Is Twickerz A Scam? – Something Fishy

Is Twickerz A Scam



OWNER NAME: Edin Ikanovic


RATING:  1/10


If you are looking for some extra income you might be considering of participating in paid to click offers. Advertising companies offer this kind of income opportunity to many online and one that catches my attention is Twickerz. Is the platform a reliable and legitimate way of making money from home or is Twickerz a scam? This Twickerz review will help you consider whether this program is something worthwhile of your time.

Twickerz Review


Twickerz is an advertising platform that helps advertisers improve the number of clicks on their ads in order to improve their marketing efforts and sales. It adopts the system of paid to click model for business where it provides a marketing space for advertisers and it pays its members for clicking on them.

One can possibly earn an income by clicking on the ads, through referrals, completing surveys and offers. Its owner is Edin Ikanovic who is also known to own money making platforms like the FamilyClix, Goldenclix and Silverclix. He also created the Golden Media Ltd which was based in the United Kingdom in 2014 but it was dissolved at the end of the same year.


What is Twickerz?

Twickerz offers to pay for every click on the ads at a rate of $0.04 per click. While joining the program is free you only get to earn this if you upgrade to its ultimate membership that costs $900. It is absolutely insane to pay this much for a membership when you will only earn cents.

It will not cover the cost of your investment at all. If you opt for the free membership your potential earning will be $0.002 or $0.001 per click on an ad. This will render you to labor for more clicks to do in order to earn at least a dollar! While clicking on ads is a very simple task to do you will find quite exasperating to be earning so cheaply. It is best to invest your membership fee to other legitimate types of investment that yield better profits.


Another way to earn from Twickerz is through its referral system. It works by signing up people by using your referral link. You will earn between $0.005 and $0.02 for every referral click. This earning will depend on your kind of membership and the ad clicked by your referral. You will likely encounter great challenge of getting people to sign up considering the meager income you can generate with this kind of a system.

Twickerz offers you to purchase referrals to augment your ability to earn but this kind of option is quite risky since you will have no guarantee whether it will indeed credit referrals to your account. Other ways to earn from Twickerz is to join its offers and surveys like the Offers4All. Offerwall and OfferToro.


The payment platform of Twickerz include Perfect Money and Payza. Cashing out your earning requires a minimum amount of $1.5 for the first time and it gradually increases to $3, $5, $7 and $10. A fee will also be deducted but it is not disclosed how much.


Is Twickerz A Scam



Joining Twickerz is free. There is also a forum available on the site. Other than these there is not much to recommend as an advantage feature from the program.



When cashing out for the first time, you will be required to post a proof of your income to the forum in order to receive your next earning. The amount of the fee for cashing out is not divulged so if your income is very small it is likely that you will be able to cash it out at since as it can be applied for the fee instead. There is also a limited payment option for Twickerz.

There are also many complaints about the program where accounts are banned for no reason at all. It is also stated in their terms and condition that it reserves the right to close the account of its members without warning or notice. The income potential for spending time on clicking ads is very poor and does not give a decent earning. The membership is also quite expensive and the return of your investment is so unlikely.


My Final Opinion of Twickerz

So, is Twickerz a scam? The fact that a member’s account can be terminated anytime without any warning or notice already sounds fishy. There is a high chance that no one can get paid at all from the paid to click program of Twickerz. There are many other legitimate ways to earn an extra income while at home and certainly the income that you can generate from Twickerz is not decent enough to help you recover your investment by upgrading your membership type.



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