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Selling your vehicle can be a tedious and tasking process especially when you do not really have the time to look for buyers on your own. Having a third party to do this for you is a welcoming idea, but for some selling it outright to a car buying company appears to be the easiest option. The We Buy Any Car dot com is a website that offers services of buying a car in three steps. If you think you should consider its services when selling your car, it is worth asking first is We Buy Any Car a scam? Here’s what we find out about the company and how they do their transactions for buying cars online.

Is We Buy Any Car a scam?

Whether or not We Buy Any Car is a scam will depends on how the company conducts its business. Owned by We Buy Any Car Ltd., the company is based in the UK and has been around in business since 2006. The scheme for buying cars consists of three steps. The first is giving a free evaluation for your car which will be based on the current market value of the vehicle.

The process is very easy and convenient and quick to process. You will only be required to provide the vehicle service history, the mileage of the car, its brand and model and some personal data to provide and you will be get an immediate valuation for your car. The second stage is booking an appointment with their nearest branch where you are located and the third and last step is selling your car to them. While these processes look easy, fast and convenient there are important things to thoroughly consider.

The Valuation Process

The valuation process as a first step appears to be very quick and you get immediate determination on the value of your vehicle. However, the caveat is that many complaints were published in the internet claiming that the We Buy Any Car provides a very low valuation for vehicles.



Thus, those who opted to sell their vehicle will not be able to get the proper value that they ought to receive for their car. Some reviews claim that the company is really thousand pounds lower in terms of valuating vehicles. When getting an initial quotation on the car value from We Buy Any Car and comparing it with other reputable car valuation website, it is obvious that there is a marked difference on their valuation.


Booking an appointment

Booking an appointment seems to be easy as well since they will be the one to help you find their branch nearest to your location. Perhaps you can try to negotiate with their valuation rate to a much higher price? Sadly, you will probably encounter from their sales representative some haggling negotiations that will lower their valuation further by pointing out some issues on the chips, damage, and scuffs on your vehicle to justify lowering their initial quotation further.

Selling your car

If you agree to the amount of valuation they made to your car then you will proceed to the payment of the transaction where the money will be deposited directly to your account.

The Pros

Using the services of We Buy Any Car offers a very convenient way of selling a car. The company has about 200 branches nationwide and they offer a 7 day price guarantee. If you want to sell your car immediately there is no better way than selling it to We Buy Any Car since the transactions are very quick but of course expect it to be at a much lesser value than what a car owner should receive for their vehicle. Selling your car to the company is good for people who want to sell their car to an immediate buyer and do not mind of potential loss along the process.

The Cons

The We Buy Any Car offers a very low valuation for vehicles in exchange of a guaranteed buy and quick processing of purchasing a car. There were complaints with regards to their services, such as poor customer service and haggling to lower down the value of your car even more by pointing out issues to your car to justify such negotiation.

Thus, for many the advertisement of selling your car quickly to them is quite misleading since along the process you will potentially incur losses from what you deserve to receive from selling your car based on its actual value in the market.


To answer Is We Buy Any Car A  Scam? It is worth nothing that it does not scam vehicle owners out of their money. After all, car owners will have the opportunity to check whether the valuation made by the company is reasonable and they can always decline to pursue the sale. It is best to buy or sell a car online smartly and prudently so companies like We Buy Any Car will not be able to exploit your eagerness to sell your vehicle at a very low price.


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