Is Quick Cash Shortcuts a Scam?

Is Quick Cash Shortcuts a Scam? – Shortcuts to Failure

Is Quick Cash Shortcuts a Scam?

Are you just getting started to find ways to make money online? I believe you are overwhelmed with different type of ways that you can do it. There are also lots of people telling you, it’s so simple and easy that anyone can do it. Tell you frankly it is not so easy at all, you need lots of effort and hard work. But here a product claim it has a shortcut for you, would you take it? Is Quick Cash Shortcuts a scam?

What is it?

Seriously, nothing is explained clearly on how things going to work. Screen shot of earning can’t prove anything. This can be fake, I can show you 5 or even 6 figure of earning screen shot just to lure you in to buy what I offer.

Quick Way to Make Money

My personal quick way of make money. All you need a dollar and go to the nearest lottery and buy a ticket. You will maybe the next millionaire if you win. The name of the product Quick Cash Shortcuts already gives it away. It already lay the shortcut path to failure.

The Sales Funnel

You excited about getting ahead of others by going through short cuts. It offers a very low start up cost at $17. You are thinking is pretty cheap right?

Is Quick Cash Shortcuts a Scam?

But I do some research and found out the pitch doesn’t stop there. There are at least 4 upsells of $97, $67, $97 and $97. A quick calculation of $375 you get sucks in with initial $17. That is 22 times of it, earning your hard earn money.

Upsells is it Scams?

There is some healthy debate that upsells is it scams? Well, it is lunch time, your tummy trigger you fill it up. You went to MacDonald for a cheese burger meal. The staff will ask do you want to upsize? Common right? So you pay about an extra $2 or so for extra fries and a large coke.

This is an example of upsells but are you getting the value out of it. Yes, you get extra but it doesn’t suck you in 22 times of the initial chess burger meal cost.


Is Quick Cash Shortcuts a Scam? From my point of view I feel it is. I find it is misleading to tell people how easy to make money online and certainly there is no shortcuts.

I do understand we have to work smart not hard. But at times the basic fundamental need to apply be on anything we want to succeed.

As far as my concern there is no easy way or push button to make money online. As long you willing to put in the effort I will be more than happy to help you out. Read my #1 recommend products and get started for free.

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