Is Online Web Cash a Scam?

In this blog post, I’m going to review a binary options product called “Online Web Cash”.

Is Online Web Cash A Hype or Genuine Way to Make Money Online? Read on to find out.

Product Name: Online Web Cash

Owners:  –

Price: Activation Free $1.95 for the first

Website: (not affiliate link)

Rating: 0/100

Online Web Cash is a web-based system that claims to teach you how to make money online using multiple income stream.

It seems to be a duplicate of the previous work from home scam programs.


My initial impression, the website is a landing page, which makes huge money claims, and it does not provide a clear indication of what the program is offering.  My analysis is that the website was purposely designed to be ambiguous, where the important facts are left out, so we are not very sure what is the work from home program that was being offered here so we would be curious enough to enter in our information into the capture form.


Check this out at the top of the website banner: “In 5 minutes, you’ll be positioned to get your share of $2.8 Billion A Month Online From Home”. This is a big money claim that seems too good to be true, which raise a red-flag for me.


From the flashing of wads of Singapore notes at the top and bottom of the website, it emit lots of fast cash with easy and little work involved.


Online Cash Source appeals to the crowd, with the main target being Singaporean with the get-rich-quick mentality with a magic pill.


The site is optimised with words “Begin Making Money Tonight”, “You’re 1 Step Away from Your Payday” to get the potential prospect whom lands on this page to enter their contact detail into the contact form on the right of the landing page.  From my analysis, the main purpose may be to capture the information of the potential prospect which the creator of this product may mail the potential prospects with follow-up offers.


You will be redirected to another page in the system, once you have entered your contact details into the form on the right of the landing page.  In this page, it shows the outline of a very ambiguous program which the potential prospect can join with a very nominal activation fee of USD$1.95.


At the bottom, in the fine print, it is written that the USD$1.95 is only for a 5 day trial, after which you will be charged $29.95 consistently.



None that I can see. Zit…zero. Absolutely zero!



– You have no idea what you will be getting when you are entering your contact details into the contact form.

-You have no idea what kind of work from home training program you are getting if you were to subscribe and pay for the 5 days trial as it is ambiguous.

-This program is designed in such a way that you are already paying before you start making money.  You will have to pay $1.95 for 5 days trial followed by $29.95 every month.

-Online Cash Commissions are “lead generation” programs to get you to try to talk to a sales person whom will try to get you to buy expensive coaching which you don’t need.

-Big claims such as “In 5 Minutes, You’ll Be Positioned To Get Your Share of $2.8 Billion A Month Online”. It is very enticing, but too good to be true.


-“As easy as Facebook, Twitter or Google”, there is no mention of substantial work involved, the website makes it sound really easy, which isn’t good as it gives people false work.  As we know, it’s possible to make money online, but substantial work, time and energy is required to be put in by the individual to gain the knowledge, learn the skills and take action to do the work.

– The two featured success stories are ambiguous, upon searching on google, there is no person called Amir K and Kenny C.


Is Online Web Cash a scam?

From our analysis, Online Web Cash seems like a duplicate of the other website named Online Cash Source which seems like a scam.  On the website, there are no mention of the work that you are required to put in order to generate the earnings. The website is designed to portray quick easy money to appeal to those with a get-rich-quick mentality and tempts them to enter their contact details into the contact form, and also to hand over the credit card information where they will be billed for useless services.

I would highly recommend you to find another website that provides proper internet marketing training to build a long term online business and work from home to generate a steady of stream of income.  You will not be receiving proper training from joining the Online Web Cash program, I would highly urge you to avoid this website at all costs.

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