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Is Profit Bank Millionaire Society a scam? Something to think about.

Review on Profit Bank

Product Name: Profit Bank

Owners: Mack Micheals / Thomas Black


Start up fee: USD$24.97 per month

Rating: 10/100

I have seen a lot of programs in the internet which I find some are very interesting to note while others that are crap. There is a program which I find interesting in the internet that creates a few hundred to a thousand dollars a day by one click of a mouse.

Well, it is an interesting concept and this is one program that caught my attention. So let’s go on to review this product.

What is Profit Bank?

Profit Bank

The first thing when you steps in the home page is the introductory video by Profit Bank. The owner, Thomas Black made the introductory speech on his way up from being scam by many products and into an internet millionaire by working hard for 3 weeks to set up a program that will elevate them into internet millionaires.

It’s too good to be true! I don’t think so. Thomas Black claims that by using the software he and Mack Micheals created, you can earn money without spending much of your time. The software runs on auto-pilot, creates a website and finds traffic and keeps the money rolling. Wow! I think something is not right here.

Should you follow Profit Bank?

The start up for his product is USD$24.97 for start up and recurring $24.97 per month.

The cost of investment is on a affordable but WAIT! Don’t join in the program first. Let me summarized the introductory video as follows.

  • Profit Bank proprietary software which can earn you hundreds to thousand dollars per day.
  • User needs to fill in a form and click a button.
  • Software runs on auto-pilot, no need to do anything else.
  • No need to pay for advertising, no training required.
  • No website, no web hosting and no email marketing.
  • Software will build user their website, email list and advertise for users which is never seen on the internet.

The above points are red flags to me and I do not recommend. Profit Bank does not show users how their system works and to me as an internet marketer, I am very skeptical when I see this. I don’t see any relevant information on his product and any proof that the product is well received by his affiliates nor offer any free trials on his product.

From his introductory video, Thomas Black claims that users just need to fill in a form and click a button and thereafter earn their money on auto-pilot. This is way to simple to earn an income and I am not convince and would not my waste money even if it is $24.97 start-up.


Profit Bank1

From the introductory video to their posts on YouTube, you can see that Profit Bank are trying to sell a product without showing users what is the product is all about. You can also see that there are only 302 views and 2 subscribers for this product. Even their Millionaire Society Facebook page was last updated in November 2012.

From the videos, Profit Banks tells you to purchase something without knowing what it is. What I am trying to say if the product they are selling is genuinely good, they have to let users know a glimpse of their product.

So please think about it and not let your heart takes over your head. This is something that I have seen many times in the internet and a lot of users are scam when they try them out. I am not sure what product Profit Bank is offering, maybe offer some typical websites and the usual talks on internet marketing. I guess it is a waste of your time and money. So don’t believe in this hype or so called make tonnes of money product, do your research first.

My advice to your guys is to do your research in the internet, search for reviews such as blogs, Youtube posts, etc before embarking on a product. Be satisfied first rather than regret later.

So think about it and do your research and look for a program (my #1 recommended product) that will enable you to achieve your goals.

Feel free to comment below. Thanks.

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