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Millionaire Society is a pretty catchy name and it might have gotten your attention and has put grand thoughts in your head. However, this is yet another one of those top rated scams that will blind you with fake promises, promises and credentials.

Millionaire Society claims that its service is based on self-evolving optimization and market trend algorithm. These big words may sound impressive, but it is actually a way to confuse you to believe that this program is legit. However, even after watching the whole video presentation on its website, you will not understand nor gain any knowledge about how this self-evolving optimization program works.

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One red flag here is the fact that the website of Millionaire Society are posting open trades during weekends, Which contradicts the fact that financial markets are more or less quiet during the weekends. There are basically no activities going on, so therefore no one can trade during this time.

Owner/Founder: MACK MICHAELS


What is Millionaire Society?

Millionaire Society by Mack Michaels, is a program where upon purchasing a membership, you are actually buying a program based on a video tutorial which will teach you different internet marketing strategies. You also need to have access to complete turnkey business downloads in order to operate various online businesses in different niches. You can download on niches such as email marketing, blogging, Ad swap, Craiglist, ghostwriting, Facebook marketing and many more niche ideas that can be taken into a turnkey business opportunity.


millionaire society


Millionaire Society Membership

Basic membership on Millionaire Society will cost you around $144 each month. It is hard to see the value in this basic membership since there are similar programs like this all over the internet which offers more benefits for free.

Another downfall for this program is the fact that on top of your monthly fee, numerous strategies being discussed on its video tutorials will cost you extra bucks in order to implement these different strategies. Examples of these are domain registration fees, domain hosting fees, traffic buying and keyword tools to name a few. These extra costs should be considered aside from the $144 monthly fee.

The membership area of Millionaire Society does not offer plenty of information at all. In fact there is plenty of information that was left out in order to help its members to succeed. The information you will find here are either repeated from other websites or out-dated.



Once you’ve received your membership, the first thing that they will offer you is the so-called bonus of an upsell for a free VIP membership upgrade. This is not actually free since it is upsold with a value of $297 per monthly then claimed that it will sold for $147 per month in the future but actually has a value of $1500 and then in the end it will be down sold at a non-refundable price of $47 per month

If you will pass on this offer, and click to go the next page, the price of the VIP membership will further $37 go down to $0 per month.


millionaire society

Is Millionaire Society a Scam?

Here are some key points you need to take into consideration:

• The program has fake identities
• They use stock photos for testimonials
• The video does not offer any valuable information
• Mack Michaels is a paid actor



If you’re thinking of signing up with Millionaire Society, then you should proceed with caution on take into considerations the red flags and warnings about this program. The real goal of Millionaire Society is to get you to sign up and to offer you more programs to purchase that will end up costing you more money each time you avail them.

The video tutorials they offer lack the necessary information you need and there’s no one to show you a copy of the presenter’s Clickbank account, which is actually easy to fabricate. Millionaire Society is something that should be avoided and it’ll be ideal if you look for more suitable training programs somewhere else.

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