Is Save The Marriage A Scam? – Will It Work?

PRODUCT NAME: Save The Marriage

OWNER NAME: Lee H. Baucom


RATING:  7/10


With the increasing numbers of divorce it becomes quite obvious that there are many failing marriages these days. Couples strive so hard to save their marriage but still end up being a failure. This makes them wonder what went wrong with their marriage and what they could have done to save it.

The eBook called Save the Marriage has become popular among couples who desire to save their marriage but just how effective is this resource? Some might even ask is Save The Marriage a scam? In order to find out if it works, here is our Save The Marriage review.

Is Save The Marriage A Scam?

For couples who are striving so hard to keep their marriage working the eBook Save The Marriage seems to be significant help. The book is written by Dr. Lee Baucom who is a marriage counselor. His experience brought him to understand how couples can save their marriage from leading to a divorce and offer solutions to couples who are about to give up on their marriage. The book consists of 159 pages with the meaty content of learning how to save a marriage.

The book provides a system that aims to bring the warmth on a relationship and to rekindle the lost love between couples. The aim of Baucom is to provide a modern approach in saving a marriage and to deviate from the traditional solution that marriage therapists provide. The book will discuss the common myths that can actually imperil relationships that lead to breakup.

It provides a system that will bring you to the path of a blissful relationship and save couples from the brink of getting a divorce. The eBook costs $47 in exchange of different learning materials and modules designed by a marriage specialist who earned the respect of many men and women who are able to save their marriage.

What comes with the eBook

The Save the Marriage eBook consists of 4 modules and some bonus materials. Using these modules will help you save from costly counseling (between $60 and $150 per therapy session) and even from the cost of getting a divorce (at least $30,000). Module 1 of the book provides the things that a couple should not do when one of them wants to end the marriage.

This part of the system will help couples to avoid causing more damage to the relationship. The second module is the crisis diagnosis where you will be able to identify at what stage is your marital problem and find the right solutions for it. The third module will give you better insights about marriage and understand why your marriage fails. This is the core component of the module because it helps couples learn to identify and treat the cause and not the symptoms of their failing marriage.

The fourth module provides the step by step guide on what couples need to do to revive and rebuild their marriage. The four modules aim to provide the right solutions of saving a marriage.

Bonuses come in the form of additional coaching CD materials on coping with midlife crisis, recovering from an affair and rules for fair fighting report that is designed to help you learn the art of making an argument that is not provocative but fair.

The Good Things

The Save The Marriage system offers a 60-day money back guarantee. You will have the opportunity of understanding the root causes of a failed marriage and helps you correct mistakes that led you to the brink of a divorce. The approach is less traditional and able to adapt to the modern time through its modern system and approach in counseling.

It provides a comprehensive discussion to help couples internalize the value of their marriage. The author is a marriage counselor whose years of experience are extraordinary which makes him gain the respect of many couples whom he helped save their marriage.

The Bad Things

The material is not for couples who cannot find time to sit down and read the step by step guide as outlined in the book to save a marriage. In order to make the system effective it requires dedication from the couples to work out their relationship. The resource is only available online with no printable version so anyone using the eBook will need an internet to access it.


Is Save the Marriage A Scam? It doesn’t seem so. It is a very helpful resource that can help couples save their marriage from the brink of a divorce. How effective it is will depend upon the commitment of the couples to following the modules and guidelines as outlined in the book.

It has a 60-day guarantee that will give you an assurance of getting back your money if you find it ineffective for your marriage.


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