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Once again we will take a probe on some money making work from home opportunities. They are actually being marketed in the internet like hot cakes and if you have been actively searching for this kind of income opportunity online there is a chance that you might come across the My Online Dream Biz. This is just another work from home opportunity scheme that will offer you significant income that can change your life and will let you live the kind of a lifestyle that you dreamed of. It is worth to give some time pondering is My Online Dream Biz a scam? This review will help expose what kind of a work from home opportunity this scheme is.


My Online Dream Biz Review


The My Online Dream Biz is one of those businesses offering you a program or a system that will help you earn an income along the process of using it. One of the major claims it gives to entice potential subscribers is that you can possibly earn as much as $3000 to $6000 in a month just by working at home. The product costs $99 which is marketed to be initially sold at $499 that will give you the concept of a big saving from purchasing it. The problem is once you sign up you will encounter a lot of annoying upsells that they will push you to buy the moment you can access the members’ area. This is not surprising since a lot of work from home opportunities is using upsells in order to prod members to spend more in order to get full benefits from the system. Since you already spent something for the system you might get convinced to purchase the upsells in order to maximize your membership and be able to use all the features of the program you signed up for.


Upsells are very common in many business opportunity programs and there is nothing wrong with it. However, in My Online Dream Biz which offers a get rich quick scheme it sounds a bit annoying and suspicious that you were just tricked into signing up in order to hijack you into making more purchases than you actually intended. There have been many bold claims that after signing up for the My Online Dream Biz they are quite disappointed that they did not get much value and instead were being forced to make additional purchases. This is not how a legitimate business works. The people behind the testimonials are fake which gives the program a doubtful character.




After knowing how the My Online Dream Biz Works, it is not recommended as one worth signing up for considering the lack of benefits that it can give you as its member.




There are a lot of bold claims that My Online Dream Biz offers but comes with great disappointment. For instance, it offers to give you $400 after you watch its sales video. But after the video ends you will wonder how you can get the $400. It turns out that the $400 is only good as a discount once you sign up as a member which comes as a big disappointment to many. On top of this are the upsells that will actually cost you $100 to $1000 more to purchase. Once you become a member you should expect to be bombarded with email promotions that will push you to purchase more of its products, systems and other business opportunities.


Who is My Online Dream Biz For?


The My Online Dream Biz is not for anyone considering that it does not come highly recommended by people who already signed up and only ending up with huge disappointment about their investment.


My Online Dream Biz Tools & Training


It is sad to know that after you become a member of the program you will be treated like a customer who will be bombarded with more offers to spend more on products, tools and training at additional costs.


My Online Dream Biz Support


I doubt if there is a good support coming from the My Online Dream Biz. It runs its business more of like selling you training materials, tools and business opportunities than providing you support on how to make an income.


My Final Opinion of My Online Dream Biz


My Online Dream Biz offers an income opportunity that sounds too good to be true. How it conducts its business is not what legitimate companies do. So if you wonder is My Online Dream Biz a scam? there is a high chance that it is. The fact of the fake testimonials in its sales page casts a doubt that it might be a scam and not worthy of your investment.


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