Is 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle A Scam? – Very Expensive Dream


PRODUCT NAME: 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle

OWNER NAME: Jonathan Bain/TiDom


RATING:  0/10


One of the multi-level marketing ventures that is worth checking is out is the 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle program. It is worth noting that it offers a very enticing claim that you can possibly earn a big income in a matter of weeks by using its system. Before making an investment on this product we will help you answer in case you wonder is 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle a scam?

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What is 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle?

8 Figure Dream Lifestyle is a multi-level marketing scheme that offers its members the opportunity to earn by subscribing to its business package. The customer will pay the package which comes with training materials that are mainly for self improvement like fitness, health, business and building confidence. One has the option to promote the said products as an affiliate. The majority of the subscribers of the 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle tries to become an affiliate in order to be entitled earning a commission.

The package also comes with promotional tools and materials to help them attract people to sign up for the package and become part of the system. The program claims that by promoting the products that come with the subscription package you can potentially earn thousands of dollars in just a few weeks. Some even earn a million. This sale pitch sounds too good to be true and there are details that show some loopholes that will make you realize it just might be a scam.

TiDom and 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle

One thing noticeable on the 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle is that its owner appears to be anonymous. However, it has been connected to TiDOm which offers a money making opportunity online that was created by Jonathan, also known as John, Bain who is known to be involved in cash gifting programs that work like a pyramiding system. You pay a subscription to the program and this entitles you to receive a commission on your first and subsequent referrals. You will deposit as payment directly to the person recruiting you and you will expect that the person you recruit will do the same to you as his or her recruiter. Just like the 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle you also get educational materials that are for business and self improvements.

Common to both are the training tools, resources and materials that will help you improve yourself and your business success. However, it is obvious that the training materials that you get from the subscription are mainly for the purpose of giving the company some legitimacy. But it actually scams people out of their money by offering them the cash gifting program where you are not selling products to people but more on recruiting people to subscribe on the program and get a commission from your referral. It works like cash gifting pyramid scheme which is not lawful in many states.

Sales pitch

8 Figure Dram Lifestyle will offer you 100% commission but signing up on the program actually comes at a price. It will entice you with the opportunity of making money from home but what you will not realize initially is that the subscription is very expensive which is $2000 plus $149 license fee for the basic membership, $3500 + $295 for the builder package, $6500 + $395 for the advanced package, $12500 + $445 for the pro package and $22000 + $449 for the VIP package.

The fee is justified by the number of “helpful” materials and promotional tools to help you promote the program to others as an affiliate. If you want to earn a higher commission you must choose the membership with the highest fee.

While the possibility of earning from affiliate commission can give you an opportunity to get an income as advertised, there is a qualifier sale just in case you have not realized it. The subscribers of 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle has to struggle making their first sale and their potential income will be awarded to their recruiter.

Considering the subscription fee is very expensive you will hardly find anyone to sign up to the program more so finding subsequent ones following your first recruit where you did not earn a commission.


The 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle masks its shady business by offering training materials in exchange of the subscription fee on their products.  The cash gifting pyramid scheme obviously answers is 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle a scam? considering that it is offering an outrageously expensive subscription fees for you to reach your dream income.

It is hard to sustain and find other subscribers to help you regain back your ROI on the subscription fee that you paid on your chosen membership.

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