Is JJ Poor to Rich a scam?

Is JJ Poor to Rich a Scam? – Everyone Want to be Rich

Is JJ Poor to Rich a scam?

Recently my cousin ask me ever heard of a new way making money opportunity. He told me that his friend already starts to make money after 6 months after investing. Sound interesting, but of course I always skeptical to hear such easy way of making money opportunity. Have you heard JJ Poor to Rich? I really wonder is JJ Poor to Rich a scam?

Note: First of all, let me declare I’m not an affiliate or promoting JJ Poor to Rich.

What is it?


My cousin sends me a PDF file that content of JJ Poor to Rich introduction and how it works. All written Chinese, no harm I able to read it.

A 24 page PDF. To make it easy for you I have embedded the English version video for you below.

Malaysia is the main headquarters. The rest of the country that running this program is

• Singapore
• Indonesia
• Australia
• Taiwan
• Hong Kong
• China
• New Zealand
• Thailand

What the program claims that after investing 3 months you will able to change your life. Where you can buy your dream car and home. Why I say so? The presentation video shows you pictures of car and home. Which to me is just like other making money system selling you a dream in very first hand.

How it works?

There are two ways of making money through this investment.

No 1: Roll money with money and no selling require

It sounds so easy which really raise my eyebrow. Just invest at least $200usd monthly and do nothing as there is no selling required. Sit back and enjoy passive income of 20% monthly.

No 2: Recruit down line to grow business aka the usual MLM.

Here the Q&A if you have doubts.

Q1: How much profit do you get as an investor?
A1: 20% of fixed monthly profit

Q2: Can you withdraw your capital whenever you want?
A2: Yes you can but 1% processing fee will be imposed if you withdraw all your invested capital.

Q3: When can you receive your profit and commission?
A3: On the 10th of the following month if you join on the 1st to the 9th of the month.
On the 20th of the following month if you join on the 11th to 19th of the month.
On the 30th of the following month if you join on the 21th to the 29th of the month.

Q4: How long does it take to see the amount appear in your bank account after payment issue?
A4: Within 1 to 5 working days (Excluding weekends and holidays)

Q5: What is the minimum and maximum amount of investment?
A5: USD25 to USD1000

Q6: Can you invest with other currencies?
A6: Yes, but everything will calculate in USD.

Q7: Can I top up my capital instead of withdrawing my interests?
A7: No you can’t. Interest will be deposited into your account directly. Top up capital must be done independently to         the maximum USD1000

Q8: Which currency exchange platform is JJPTR Poor to Rich Plan uses?
A8: JJPTR Poor to Rich Plan is using the most reliable IKOFX Foreign Exchange Platform. Kindly visit

Q9 Will you receive commission if you ever introduced new investors?
A9: Yes, you shall receive 5% of his/her invested capital.

Q10: Is there any membership fee?
A10: There is no membership fee required.

Q11: Which currencies are JJPTR Poor to Rich Plan uses?

Q12: When did JJPTR to Rich Plan establish?
A12: JJPTR Poor to Rich was established in 01/05/2015

Q13: Will JJPTR Poor to Rich Plan ever go globalized? Will it accept foreign investors?
A13: Of course it will go globalized and accept foreign investors! Presently there are countries, including Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand participates in this plan. It will enter Europe in 2016! (2017 coming soon by the way)


Is JJ Poor to Rich a scam? Seriously, I can’t give you an answer. I just look at the outer shell of the platform of JJPTR. As you know I’m a person who not comfortable with MLM platform and also doesn’t believe in making profit for doing nothing.

If you have joined the JJPTR feel free to share with us what your view. Thanks!

6 thoughts on “Is JJ Poor to Rich a Scam? – Everyone Want to be Rich”

  1. It is true you can get about 17.5% interest (after loss due to currency exchange from USD to your currency) and paid to you every month. Beware of fake JJPTR websites as the fake sites will take your money and run. You will lose your money if you are not recommended by genuine JJPTR introducers.

  2. Ponzis simply use the money coming from new recruits to pay up old members. They don’t have a legit/live business that are verifiable. With JJPTR, if you’re doubtful, download Metatrader 4 and plug in user ID 700001 and password jjptr888 and see for yourself the running capital and trading history of JJPTR. You can access the Live Account on Saturdays and Sundays. On weekdays they’re locked as they do the actual trading. The CEO would like to show all members that the company is transparent; even their losing trades are there. As of today their capital is now $482 Million and running profit for the year is $219 Million.

    In addition, JJPTR deposits your money direct to your bank account, you cannot compound them or auto-reinvest. It is a safety net for added peace of mind lowering your risk as you receive your profit on your bank account. You can also withdraw your money “anytime”, no lock up with a minimal 1% processing fee.

    Also, JJPTR only pays commissions on single level (direct referral). They don’t pay referrals of your referrals like many networking companies do. They control the flow of money.

    Lastly, even if the company is on a watchlist, that does not automatically mean that it’s a scam. It just means proceed with caution. With JJPTR, on your first 6 months, you are not allowed to invest more than $1000 and on your 6 month you already received your full capital in your bank (20%/month x 6 months = 120%). You have fully received the capital you invested and after that are all profits.

    1. may i know what broker is he using? you can’t simply type login id and investor password without knowing which broker.. most pool trading is a scam. If they have certified PAMM better just copy trade.

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