Is IM John Chow a Scam?

Is IM John Chow a scam? – Not Really That Bad

Name: IM John Chow
Website: link)
Price: $1 1st 7 days trial/ $47 monthly
Owners: John Chow and Peng Joo
Overall Rank: 65/100

Is IM John Chow a Scam?

John Chow is a well known blogger his blog attract a lot of followers. His method of making money online is basically list building like most other marketers. He able to make a lot of money but can he help you to do so? This is the topic we going to find out is IM John Chow a scam?

His advice to newbie that just started to learn internet marketing is to focus on one training method at a time. Not jumping from one method to another without applying what you learn. I certainly agree with him, I guilty of that myself where I have been chasing the shining object. In the end learning nothing at all and wasted precious time.

IM John Chow is not created by John Chow alone. He has a partner name Peng Joo, a young famous internet marketer from Malaysian. He chose to sell two kinds of affiliate product, digital product or membership site. Digital product allows customers to download instantly upon purchase. Membership site offering recurring commission to their affiliate.


Do You Like Big Earning?

Is IM John Chow a Scam?

The sales page video is quite misleading to newbie from opinion. I don’t like to see six figure earning screen shot. I not sure is it real earning from John Chow. What comes to my mind when I see such video? Am I going to earn just like the figure shown in the video? That is a million dollar question and does this make you wonder, is John Chow a scam?

How much is this product cost? $47 monthly sound reasonable if there is more value added to it. There is a way you can test drive this product for $1 trial (1st 7 days). Simply leave the page and a pop up asking you to stay, there a down sell at only $1 with money back guarantee.

Is IM John Chow a Scam?

The actual member site

The member home page looks clean and neat. A welcome video from John to explain what you going to expect and learn. It is a step by step training for beginners. The main menu and sidebar links is the same.

There is an advert that looks annoying to me. A membership site should just focus on providing resources to the members not trying to make more money out of them. This come the moment of truth, when you land on the sales page.

Daily Action Plan

I give this product a thumb up because it provides the member daily action plan. Learn, apply and take action. Focus on the training and stop chasing the shining object. Is great for newbie who know nothing about internet marketing. Learn how to select your niche, domain and hosting, etc. If you already know all this and want something advance, you have to be patient.

Each training module is made up of short video. Very easy to understand and follow. Quite similar with Chris Farrell teaching method. You learn how to build lists and make money through your list of subscribers.

There is not much written material for you to read and absorb. For me, I can learn through video or reading. The concern you, you may like to learn by reading the information.

His four step freedom formula

• Ethical bribe
• Value
• Call to action
• Repeat

The knowledge bank focuses on these areas

• Building your site – Choosing, buying a domain name and purchasing hosting.
• WordPress 101 – WordPress basics, like installing themes, plugins and creating posts and pages.
• Listbuilding 101 – “The money is in the list” is an old marketing tactic, but it is still effective in today’s digital world.

This section goes into detail on how to start building and marketing to a list.

• SEO 101 – Basic Search Engine Optimized.
• Become a Clickbank Affiliate
• The 4 step Freedom Formula

Facebook Empire Modules

Facebook marketing is very popular among the internet marketer. Create a Fanpage is very easy, young children have their own Fanpage these days.
Most important is you will be learning to use the Fanpage to create ads. How to get leads and likes, there is real situation where Facebook is giving fakes likes through ads created.


Is IM John Chow a scam? No, it is a decent product, but lacking of community support. There is no engagement with other member. You are left alone in IM John Chow, there no one within the site to help you out when you stuck.

You will need to be in the membership for at least a period of 3 months, provided you log in daily to learn. The faster you learn, you get to save more. Write down notes when you go through the training. Also check out his other product Blogging With John Chow.

To me $47 monthly can be use in a better program. In fact, you can kick start with a $0 investment to start learning internet marketing with #1 Recommend Products.

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