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There are indeed many kinds of schemes that can help you earn money from home. Work from home jobs come in different types and styles and you can always earn from legitimate sites but there are several scam sites out there too. One of the income opportunities that are offered online is email marketing and it comes in many forms.

The Guaranteed Income Machine or Gim System is one of the sites offering this similar scheme to earn from home but for a fee. Before you spend your money to sign up for the system you should be prudent enough to ask is Gim System a scam? Here’s what we can tell you about it in this Gim System review.

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Is Gim System a scam?

What does the system offers you to earn an income? Gim System promises you an income by using its email responder system. You are required to create an account initially on its system and they will provide you a list of email subscribers to whom you will send an email.

You get a commission for every click on your email. Sounds easy, right? It guarantees that by using its email subscriber list and its auto pilot emailing system you will be able to send hundreds of emails per week. What makes the system so enticing is that everything is done for you. All you need to do is to send out emails using the system and this usually takes about 5 minutes a day for you to process.

Gim System and its other names

There are reasons to believe that the Gim System is just another name of other scam websites. It used to be the Email Syndicate and Guaranteed Email System which offer exactly the same thing as the Gim system does. The Guaranteed Email System and Email Syndicate also offer an email auto responder system and claims to pay you in every click of the email you send. After getting many complaints for not paying its subscribers, these sites closed down.

It also appears in multiple sites which already make their business kind of suspicious. The payment scheme and how the system works are exactly the same for Guaranteed Email System, Email Syndicate and Guaranteed Income Machine. This is already a red flag too obvious not to take seriously.



How Gim System earns from you

The site is a scam considering the tricky way of doing their business. There are different ways that the creator of the system earns money from you. They get your money the moment you pay your subscription for the system. They also offer several upgrades to your subscription which that also earn additional income.

While this kind of business scheme is done by many legitimate companies it is unfortunate that you will never get any profit from your investment when using the Gim System. You will definitely find it difficult to withdraw your apparent earnings and the customer service is of no use at all. This leaves you no other choice on how to collect from your earnings according to the feedback of the complaining subscribers of the site.

Why Gim System is not legit

There are too many red flags about how the Gim System works. While in exchange of your subscription you get a step by step training to help you learn how to use their system and start earning your income, there are no other useful features that come with your subscription. The site offers very poor customer service or probably not at all. There is no way for you to contact the owner or management of the site.

You have no idea who is the owner of the site in the first place as contrary to legitimate sites that reveal the true identity of the people behind their products and services in order to establish trust from their customers. There are no other ways to earn an income by using the Gim system other than sending out emails. You don’t even know whether you are already sending out spam emails.

There are many complaints coming from the Gim System subscribers. They claim to have sent thousands of emails already and they only earn very small amount like $5 out of more than 7,000 subscribers. This seems to an obvious cheating on how you earn from using the system. Indeed you have no control on accounting for the number of email clicks made from your account.


Is Gim System a scam? There are good reasons that it is. There are a lot complaints on how the system works and not getting paid the correct amount of earnings from its subscribers. It is also suspicious that it offers the same business schemes as other scammed sites. I do not recommend signing up for the Gim System. You are better off going to the gym instead and get healthy than letting scammers cheat you of your money.



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