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Super Sales Machine Review

Super Sales Sachine is a program that will teach you the basics of internet marketing. It claims that it will provide you with products which you can promote and make money from. It will basically teach you how to create sales funnels. If you are thinking of signing up to this program, you better read this review first.

This review will provide you with all the important know-how about Super Sales Machine and whether it is legit or another one of those scams circulating the internet.

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Name: Super Sales Machine
Price: $97
Owner: Aaron Dankes


What is Super Sales Machine?

Super Sales Machine is an internet marketing program where Aaron Dankes teaches you how to make money online by selling products without any work being done from your side. According to the technique, all you need to do is drive some traffic to the website which is being set up by Aaron and his team for you so that you could start making a couple of sales right away.

Aaron even says a bit about e-mail marketing and how he has a list ready fro you and all you need to do is send promotional emails(emails that would have your product links in them) to that list and soon you would see some conversions. Since you are selling the products, you make 100 percent commissions and most of the work is done by the Aaron and his team.


This sounds more like a program where you are going to make money within a couple of days. The program can make anyone rich(according to Aaron) and you need to do very little work in order to make the kind of money which can be seen in the screenshots on the sales page of the site.




The Red Flags

Aaron never mentions from where you are getting the traffic to this ready-made website. He clearly does not even mention if this traffic is being sent to a website or somewhere else. It is pretty confusing on what he is trying to tell people. He emphasizes on using traffic is like getting traffic is the easiest part of internet marketing when it is not! Internet marketers who make legit money online take months to get some considerable amount of traffic on their websites.

Even if you are planning on having a paid traffic, it would not be able to convert since paid traffic does not get targeted audience and having people receive your offers who are in no way interested in your niche(the niche your product caters to) is going to be a waste of your time since they are not going to make a purchase.

He talks about selling products and tells that you keep the entire money you made on the sale claiming it is better than affiliate marketing but he never mentioned what kind of products will you be selling and what are these products about. The lack of transparency in any program makes it look more like a scam than anything else.

In addition, Aaron says that information overload can be a problem but the real problem here is that he gives literally no information that you can use to make some real money online. He keeps on lying on the entire sales page and gives half information to people with the intention of confusing them so that they would end up buying his useless machine.




How Does it Works?

According to Aaron, he would do everything for you and set up a site which would generate you thousands of dollars in a few days. Well, if this really worked then why would be selling this system to people for $100? It really makes no sense and trying to convince people to buy this program requires another level of talent.

It starts to get you when you scroll down the sales page and see all the crap advertisement and all the training which according to him is worth a lot and he is ready to give that away in only $97. It looks like a scam and it definitely is not going to work since there are many programs out there that promise the same things and later you find out that you are never going to make money online through this particular technique.



Super Sales Machine is a scam and no one can make money online using it. The program will not help anyone who is starting out online and wants to make some legit money. The entire program sounds like a useless way to spend your money since it does not provide the right training and tools that are required for anyone to set up a successful online business.

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