Is Get Weekly Paychecks A Scam?

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The Get Weekly Paychecks is getting attention among people who are looking for some means of earning money online. Considering the numerous kinds of fraudulent multi-level marketing offers in the internet many cannot help but ask is Get Weekly Paychecks a scam? In order to understand a clear perspective about the program here is a review about Get Weekly Paychecks that will help you come up with your own verdict.

Is Get Weekly Paychecks a scam? – The program’s background

Get Weekly Paychecks is make money from home system that proposes to help its subscribers the opportunity to earn through affiliate marketing. It is another funnel from its umbrella company called Motor Club of America (MCA) which is a legitimate company operating a multi-level program that offers roadside service and discounts on different services.

As a chain marketing company it uses the Get Weekly Paychecks as a membership program to get more people to sign up and earn a commission for every person signing up under your name. One will get the benefit of discounted services or products as a member but you will actually earn from commissions by offering people to sign up for the membership.

The goal to earn better paychecks is to recruit more members to sign up in the program. Signing up for the program will cost you $20 every month. In exchange for your membership you will receive some tools that will help you get started with creating your own sales page. You will be given a GWP affiliate link that you can use to promote the program and make people to sign up as a member. How much you earn will depend on how many people you get to sign up for the system. The more subscribers you get the more commission you earn. This also means if you fail to recruit people to sign up for membership you will not be earning anything at all.

The good thing about Get Weekly Paychecks

Get Weekly Paychecks will offer you an opportunity of earning some money while working at home. It does provide some tools to help you get started such as your sales page that will keep people interested of signing up. Some of the tools are also helpful in understanding briefly what internet marketing is about. You will also have your own personal affiliate link for the program that will give you a commission each time people sign up through your link.

The bad thing about Get Weekly Paychecks

While there are tools to help you get started for your own affiliate business online the training you get from the program are very limited and are not very helpful to a newbie. It is more useful to some who already knows what internet marketing is all about and how to do it effectively. The problem with MLM and affiliate marketing is you need to target building traffic to your affiliate site in order to be more effective in recruiting more people.

For a beginner in internet marketing there are a lot of things they need to learn and understand how the system works. The Get Weekly Paychecks program does not provide support for learning the basic about affiliate marketing thus will give newbie the hard time learning. Moreover, the program does not teach how to build traffic to your business and thus do not provide a good foundation on how to build your business for the long term.

If you do not know the basic about internet/affiliate marketing you will be left unsure on how to use the program more effective to get a return of your investment. Remember you will be paying a monthly subscription to retain and maintain your affiliate link and membership to the program. If you are unsuccessful in getting people to sign up for membership you will not be earning any commission at all and you will certain suffer a loss from your investment.


The answer to the question is Get Weekly Paychecks a scam? is now quite clear. It is neither a scam and nor is it a good source of long term business model. Get Weekly Paychecks is actually a legitimate way of earning an income but it is best to manage your expectations that it will not really provide you a huge amount of profit if you are not really good in internet marketing or just starting to understand the system.

If you are already beyond the newbie category in building traffic to your online business there is a good potential that you can earn from the program. However, it is best to manage your expectations since this will not really deliver a long term business model to use to build a big profit. This program is only good for people who are just beginning to learn how to earn from affiliate marketing with a meager of income.


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