Is FamilyClix A Scam? – Not So Bad At All

Rating: 7/10

Paid to Click (PTC) allows you to earn some income by simply clicking on ads. However, the earnings could not be much as you would from other forms of internet marketing processes. At some point clicking on ads can also be a good entrance to the world of internet marketing for people looking for some ways to make money online. One of the sites that offer this kind way of making money online is the FamilyClix. Before you start joining the program you are probably wondering is FamilyClix a scam? This FamilyClix Review will help you understand how the program works so you can see for yourself whether it can provide you some earning potentials.

FamilyClix Review

FamilyClix is a platform where you can potentially earn simply by clicking on ads. But it also offers some advertising services where one can advertise a website with some features of getting thousands of potential clients, choices of multiple packages, demographic filter and detailed statistics on GeoMap. There are different earning methods involved in the program with some upgrades available to improve your earning potentials.

The Earning Methods

One thing good about FamilyClix is it offers a variety of options to fit your earning preferences. The Paid to Sign Up Offer lets you earn money whenever you get others to sign up. The payouts range between $0.10 and $1.00. You get the $1 payout with certain conditions such as requiring you to sign up for Neobux and then clicking on ads daily within a week. Viewing advertisements will give you an instant payout but will only let you earn a fraction of a penny ($0.000125 to $0.001) per click on an ad and view it. This is not a good way of earning money if you want to earn more and some may consider doing this a waste of time because of the very very low payout.

The FamilyGrid is offered as another option to earn from FamilyClix. You are given an allotted click per day to use for randomly selecting a box on a grid that can win you some payouts between $-.10 and $0.50. The Offers4All is another earning method in the program that requires you to do some tasks like completing surveys and offers. The KiwiWall offers some small earnings to complete mobile surveys and watch videos. If you like trying out products the AscendMedia program will allow you to sign up and try out products in exchange of Family Coins which you can exchange for $1 per 2,000 Coins. Other earning methods include the PersonaWall which gives sign up offers, downloads, apps and surveys. If Paid to Click is your preference, the ClixWall program offers you an income opportunity. One downside of the program is that it has limited payment options without Paypal which is one of the most common payout systems used by internet marketers these days.

FamilyClix Upgrades

There varieties of upgrades available which range from $3 for a 30-day membership to $800 for a 365-day membership. It helps to know that your lifetime membership is actually free and the upgrades are merely optional. If you think that you are doing better in earning good payouts from the different earning methods of FamilyClix, getting an upgrade might boost your earning opportunities. Otherwise, I recommend not getting the upgrades if you can go on using your free lifetime membership. The good thing about the upgrade option is it does not force its subscribers to get it and the free membership allows them to test the program while earning at the same time and if it works well for them the upgrades can further boost their income potential.

FamilyClix Advertising

The advertising program is what sustains the operation of FamilyClix. It offers an opportunity for advertisers to expose their sites in the internet through ads from the FamilyClix site at a very low cost per seconds. This process also helps the PTC members on the site to earn.


If you are to ask is FamilyClix a scam? the answer is FamilyClix is a legitimate way of earning some money online. However if you are in search for better earnings this one is not for you. The payouts are too low and you will find it hard to earn much if you have an eye for a bigger earning coming from internet marketing. The FamilyClix however offers an opportunity to have some form of earnings to anyone who does not know anything about internet marketing since clicking ads is a very simply task to do. There are also different earning methods to choose from which are good options for anyone to try and see how much they could possibly earn. It does require effort in order to earn more from doing the PTC but it can be a worthwhile endeavor. The good thing about FamilyClix is you get paid which makes it a legitimate site to earn online.

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