Is Clientivity a scam

Is Clientivity a Scam? – Running a Hotel Website Business

Product Name: Clientivity

Owners: Unknown

Price : Free

Website: (affiliate link)

Rating: 75/100

Clientivity Review

Is Clientivity a Scam

Planning your next vacation? When going to vacation there are 2 things which is must have in your list. Flight and hotel which you need to book. I’m looking at program and products to review and keep you guys safe online. An old site name My Vegas Business, I go to the site and redirect to It is an online hotel booking website and it make me wonder is Clientivity a scam?

What is Clientivty?

Clientivity is a hotel booking website. You can check the hotels on the site, but there is something you need to take note. All the feature hotel is mainly at United States and you can’t choose a hotel and directly check out.

You will need to chose your check in, check out date and prefer location. Fill in your email address and shortly you will receive an email with customer to assist you. I have tried inquiry for hotel locate in Thailand, which the customer service did follow up. You can book hotel around the world and save up 30% which they claim.

Earning opportunity

Clientivty is looking to partner with anyone who like to run a hotel website business. All you need to do sign up and it’s totally free. You can choose your preferred Hotel Name. Example you like your hotel name to be Best Hotel and you will be given a subdomain name as

Is Clientivity a scam

Your website is ready in just a few minutes of set up. For each sale you make you get a commision of 5% . If you get a partner sign under you, you will get 1% if they make sale while they get to keep their 5%. The customer service part is well taken care by Clientivity.


  • Nice professional hotel website for booking
  • Great customer service
  • Starting a hotel website business for free
  • Easy backend dashboard


  • Website only display United States hotels
  • Not able to direct book and check out on the site
  • Very basic training on running the business

For Whom?

Frankly speaking for travelers there are hundreds of top hotel sites to chose from.,, and lot more others. Travelers are spoiled with choices and price comparison within the these sites. Which clearly shows the direction where you should book your hotel. But if you are not in a hurry to travel for the next week. Then you may consider Cliebtivity for up to 30% discount price.

Next is for people who like to join Clientivity to run the online business. It is suitable for blogger who into travelling. You can recommend to your subscribers, followers to book hotels on your partner site.

Even you are not running a website, if you like to travel around the world, taking video and pictures is a great deal. Upload to YouTube or Facebook and place your hotel link on it


Is Clientivity a Scam? From my point of view, it is legit and you can start for free. The set up is as fast as a few minutes. Nothing in this world is perfect and as I have pointed up the Pros and Cons of it. I do hope Clientivity can look into their platform and do some improvement both both users and partners.

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Run a Hotel Business? Become a Partner With Clientivity


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