Is Facebook Bonanza A Scam?

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There are many ways of earning an income by working from home and one of these is by way of social media marketing. The social media has become a powerful source of marketing channel to the public and there are legitimate and illegitimate ways of earning from it. Facebook is undeniably the most popular and most effective source of marketing online used by many but unfortunately it became subject to abuse by unscrupulous online marketers. Considering this you might wonder is Facebook Bonanza a scam? and there are many reasons to believe that it is. Here are the reasons why.

Is Facebook Bonanza a scam? Understanding What It Is

The Facebook Bonanza basically claims that it is offering anybody who is interested to have the opportunity of earning an income by teaching them how to make money online. Its sales page introduces it as a program that provides training guide with easy to follow tutorial videos. It also claims that it also provides a one-on-one training if one is highly interested of earning immediately. Moreover, it will also teach you how to create your own free automated website that will earn you an income.

It is also very quite frank in describing the program for being not a multi-level marketing business, not a bogus data entry scam, not a rebate processing scam and not an envelope stuffing job opportunity. However, despite these descriptions the Facebook Bonanza is not accurate in describing what its system does and how it can actually earn you money.

What is quite apparent is its subscribers will be taught how to make money online by selling products. Clickbank is included in their sales video and chances are you are likely to sell or promote products using Facebook as a social media platform. Considering this premise you are likely to get an income by earning a commission contrary to the sales marketing pitch that you will learn how to earn an income by learning how to market online through Facebook. Honestly, while Facebook is really popular it is best not to heavily rely on it for making sales.

Reasons why you should worry that Facebook Bonanza is not legit

There are several red flags that are reasons why you should be alarmed that something is not right with Facebook Bonanza. There is not much effort to hide the fact that the images of the people who claim to give testimonials about Facebook Bonanza are fakes. The images used are stock photos which one can easily pay for the right to use it in any way they want to.

This alone shows the red flag that the person making the testimonial is not legit. In addition to this alarming fact is the possibility that the screenshots of the checks showing the earnings of its users are probably photoshopped and are fakes too. You will also ask how one can earn much income since there is no accurate way of showing how the system works to make you earn money.

The urgency of making you sign up for the program is also an old black hat marketing strategy employed by many scammers before and been using until now. This is what most call as scarcity tactics that will show you a counter displaying the limited slots left to sign up or buy something. This will give you the sense of urgency to sign up without allowing yourself to do more research about the program and in reality there is no scarcity on the slots available. This is a tricky way of getting money from unsuspecting online marketers and it still works in some cases to scam people out of their money to buy a product that is worthless.

The Facebook Bonanza also uses the popular Lili Gil video that explains how to make money online and was shown on CNN. While the video does not promote Facebook Bonanza or any specific online marketing product, service or program for that matter, it is widely used by many unscrupulous online marketers to make their products look like legitimate even when it is not. The video mainly talks about earning money online in general and does not in any way endorse specific products or services.

The down selling tactic of Facebook Bonanza is also very obvious where you are offered $47 to avail of the system. However, by continuously declining to sign up you will be brought to a sales page offering you only $20, which is a significant 42% discount which shows the desperate sales move to get money out of people.


If you were to ask me Is Facebook Bonanza a scam? there are too many red flags showing that it might be. Considering the dirty tactics they employ to get the attention of online marketers to entice them to sign up by using face testimonials and photos, it is most prudent to avoid the program which is something that does not give much value to its subscribers.

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  1. You said I have three days to cancel this. I signed up on April 29, 2017. Today is May 1, 2017, and I am cancelling my subscription, or membership, or whatever you call this. I have notified my bank to disregard this $89.97 a month charge as this officially cancels my account.

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