is Facebook Millionaire system a scam

Is Facebook Millionaire System a Scam? – Avoid it For Good

Product Name: Facebook Millionaire System

Product Website: (Warning: Link is unsafe)

Start up fee: $5, Suspect upsells

Owner: Unknown

Rating: 0/100

Is Facebook Millionaire System a Scam

I found out there are several online advertisements on a topic name Facebook Millionaire. It post as a working from home opportunity. It caught my curiosity to find out is Facebook Millionaire system a scam? I’m not an affiliate of this product and find out there are lots of red flags all over. To same your precious time, you can read my #1 recommend product.
I first land on an article which telling me a story on how a poor guy struggling to meet end needs. After he started to use this system he able to quit his job and live a luxury life. This really raises a major red flag. I have seen countless of same scam artist using this kind of story to sell you a dream.

Luxury Items As Bait

There are fancy cars, landed property and nice sea side image within the article. This is to impress you on how well this person is doing and as usual selling you a dream that won’t come true. There is one thing very obvious that this system trying to set a trap to lure you in. Every single link in that article will bring you to the landing page of the sales page.
That’s not all, I go under of the comment section of the article. The people who commented on the post seem fake and I wonder who behind these accounts. This adds up to another red flag.

Is Facebook Millionaire System a Scam
What I found out more is that there is another product that exactly using the same method. It just changes the title, which is Facebook Fortune. You can see clearly when things don’t really work out for them, they clone it and produce again with another name.
I go ahead and sign up using an email I seldom use to find out what really they up to. I find out it offer limited seat and a generous amount of discount offer to let me in. Sorry, but no thanks.

is Facebook Millionaire system a scam


is Facebook Millionaire system a scam

There is no proper introduction of how the system work and what you going to learn. I have to give this product a pass even I have an extra $5 to spend.


First of all they start out as a job offer from Facebook and changes its direction to work from home base business opportunity. There is no proper guide on what you going to do and how you can earn.

Making money online have lots of legit ways. As for Facebook Millionaire, Facebook, Fortune or whatever they like to name it in the future. I can’t see it as an opportunity. It seems more like a scam from my point of view. My advice is totally to avoid it and stay safe on the internet.

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Have you try Facebook Millionaire or Fortune? Feel free to drop your comment below. Thanks

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