Is Steal My System A Scam?

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The Binary trading industry is known to provide a lucrative opportunity of earning money online and many people are getting interested about trying it. There are many systems that are now offering a profitable experience from binary trading and one of these is the Steal My System. For a prudent binary trader or any investor for that matter it is always smart to as is Steal My System a scam? before actually spending money for it. Here are some of the important things that you should know about Steal My System that some traders, most especially the newbie, failed to learn about.

Is Steal My System A Scam? – What Is It About

People usually heard about Steal My System from emails with a link on a video that promises you to learn how to earn $3000 even before the video ends. You will be offered with a system that comes with automated software that works to help you earn money online through binary trading. It offers the potential of getting rich without the need of experience when using the software. One of the claims is the system can potentially help the users earn as much as $3000 a day. With its infallible auto trading software it always give you a sure way of making winning deals. These statements came from Millionaire Steven who is apparently trying to entice people of signing up to the system with the above over-hyped statements.

Know these red flags

What the Steal My System offer sounds so useful and enticing. However, it doesn’t sound realistic. First of all, the video itself already gave away some red flags that you should consider. It promises that you will earn $3000 a day however there is not much detail that tells you how the system actually works that will deliver this kind of profit to you. If you take notice all the video highlights are the luxury cars, a lifestyle with a yacht and mansions. It also presents some screenshots of fake bank accounts. It is very obvious that the video tries to sell their products by applying psychology to the mind of its viewers that they can possibly enjoy these things when they use the software, allowing them to forget the most important part to learn about the system – how it works.

Many people these days are looking for the easiest way of earning money but unfortunately it is not realistic. There is no such a push button that will earn you a lucrative income instantly, especially an automated system such as the Steal My System software. Another tricky strategy employed is the urgency factor that tells you there are only very few slots left to encourage you to sign up without giving your investment much thought. In fact while the site claims that there are only few spots left you will realize that after a few weeks the same number of spots remains available. In the past months of visiting the site it appears that there are unlimited slots for new signups.

Another discrepancy that we found out from the system is that after the sales video you will be invited to create a free account. However, on their site you will be required to pay a sign up fee of $9.95 in order to get started. This seems inconsistent to their claim on “free account.” It becomes so obvious that they employ tricky marketing tactics to entice many to become subscribers for their product.

Fakes, Fakes, Fakes

There is also a good reason to believe that the owner of the Steal My System is a fake. While the person introducing himself as Steven claims to be the product owner, he shows no proof on his actual identity. Legitimate product owners always reveal themselves in order to add credibility to their products. Another apparent fake in the program are the testimonials in the video. The beta testers sharing their experiences about using the system have their profiles on Fiverr where they sell their services to make testimonials for $5. This alone casts strong doubts about the legitimacy of the system.


After this revealing information, you probably know that the answer to the question Is Steal My System a scam? is yes. There are too many shady tactics employed by the owner of the program and there is no substance on their claim on how one can actually earn money from using the system. A prudent investor or trader will always want to understand how they can use their money to earn a profit than to spend it blindly using a system that does not provide substantial proof on how their money is used for trading. It is important to make an educated investment at all times and Steal My System is something that you should steer away from.

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