Is Casino Midas a Scam? – Use a Touching Story as Click Bait

I come across a Facebook advertisement. It is story of an old lady being abandon to old folks home by her 14 children. This really piss me off. 14 children and none of them able to take care of their elderly mother.

Read the whole article here: Sinagporean Mother’s 14 Children Never Visited Her In Senior Care, So She Did The Unthinkable…

Actually is a click bait. Long story short, the whole article is make up story. The old lady then come to find out there an online casino with free credit and she sign up. Out of nowhere she tried 27 spin of the jackpot and WOW she won $487200 worth of cash money. The money then go direct deposit to her bank account. At first, I really believe this BS but at second thought I decide to find out more as it seem fishy.

Article raises red flag

The article itself have full of red flags. The website itself doesn’t have any menu or able to navigate to any other pages. All internal links will send to Casino Midas website.

Below where there is Facebook comment section are fake account as well. I try to click it and it links to another article similar article this time another old lady also won big sum of money from online casino.

How many old lady are there really in this world able to win through online casino? It is really a poor set up of click bait.

Casino Midas Review

Here a short Casino Midas Review. It is an online casino with variety of poker games, jackpot, table game and more on.

This site claim as you will receive $1000 and 200 free spin as welcome bonuses. Just like the old lady mention in the above article mention.


Is Casino Midas a Scam? In my opinion online gambling is not a way to make money. It will even make you lost lot of money. To me the way they try to get people on their site is really thumbs down. It is really spam and annoying. Keep yourself safe online avoid losing your hard earn money by trying your luck on online casino and gambling



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