Is Soloism A Scam

Is Soloism A Scam? – Will It Work?

Is Soloism A Scam



OWNER: Robert Gerrish


RATING:  6/10


Working freelance is something that every professional may want to look for as an income source. Trying to punch in your time daily at work can be very tiring and the thought of going freelance and working at your own time and terms without working for a boss can be very appealing. Unfortunately, there are some professionals out there who want to have their own source of income by building their own business but do not know how and where to start. The Soloism program is one of the online courses that offers in helping professionals build and manage their own business. But before you consider signing up for the program it is normal to wonder is Soloism a scam? Let us find out how Soloism can help build your own business as a freelancer.


Soloism Review


Soloism is an online course that was created by Robert Gerrish that is designed to help professionals start their own business. Gerrish has a good reputation as a writer and has co-authored the book Flying Solo: How to Go It Alone in Business and has co-founded the Flying Solo Community site and its social media page in Facebook. Because there are many professionals who already acquired their own professional skills and experience with the ability to start their own business as a freelance but do not know how to start, the online course will help them become more motivated to pursue this path in their career.


What is Soloism?


Soloism provides video tutorials as online courses that one can use in order to get motivated and learn how to start their own freelance career and business. The lifetime access for the Soloism costs $149 with more than 80 bite size video lectures that come with exercises and worksheets to keep you focused on starting your own freelance business. The courses are designed to help professionals learn how to design their own business. The author of the lectures has gathered different information from online discussions, professional entrepreneurs’ insights and other freelancers to share the knowledge to aspiring freelancers.


According to its sales page Soloism provides lectures that will bring out the best potentials of a freelancer to start and manage their own freelance business. Among the benefits of using the Soloism online course is learning to find your strengths and weaknesses and undergo some exercises and worksheets to design your own workspace and work style. It will also help you work out your own career path and seizing your target market by understanding your audience and attracting them with compelling marketing strategies.


Is Soloism A Scam




If you need some motivation on becoming a freelancer you will find Soloism as a helpful source in giving you advice and discovering your strengths and overcoming your weaknesses. The program comes with a 30 days money back guarantee so you might as well try it out to know if the program is helpful under your circumstances. The videos are also shorter but with useful motivational content. This is beneficial to professionals who might have a very busy schedule with limited time to watch the videos. The quality of the videos is also superb which is obvious that Soloism creators invested in making the video. The video is also made professionally which is ideal for the professionals.




While Soloism provides great content in their online course it is more directed towards motivating professionals to become a freelancer. The content lacks the step by step guide that everyone will need in order to jumpstart their freelance career. The video content is more focused on the motivational side of discovering your strengths that will help you find the opportunity to start your own freelance business. Moreover some of the videos come with cryptic titles that make it confusing to you later on in finding the video of a particular topic. Soloism is more designed for the corporate professionals who need motivation in pursuing a freelance career. It is not an ideal course if you are a beginner more so when you are looking for a course that will really provide you step by step guide in starting your own business.


My Final Opinion of Soloism


Is Soloism a scam? It is not! It is a good source of motivation for professionals who need some push in order to start their own professional career as freelancers. The video contents are good motivational sources but it is obviously for professionals and not for beginners who need more in depth guide on how to start their own business. The program is not an ideal source for starting a business for newbies though due to lack more actionable content that will actually teach and direct you on how to start a business with specific details on how to do it.


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