Is One Click Pay Day A Scam

Is One Click Pay Day A Scam? – Is It Possible?

Is One Click Pay Day A Scam


PRODUCT NAME: One Click Pay Day

OWNER NAME: Kathy Evans


RATING:  1/10


Are you interested about finding a system that will help you earn money without putting much time and effort? Then you are probably scouting for some products being sold online that claims they can work magic on your bank account simply by using their system for a fee. This is something unfortunate among people who like to find a get rich quick scheme and end up being scammed of their money. There are many bogus products out there that are offering you quick way of earning money and I have come across One Click Pay Day. It offers you ways to exploit how to siphon money to your bank account. But before you get enticed to signing up you should ask first is One Click Pay Day a scam?


One Click Pay Day Review


One Click Pay Day is a product that offers a system that will give you a weird hack on how to siphon money to your bank account. By signing up to use its system for only $37 you will have access to their money making account which will let you start profiting after buying. What is a bit off with their sales video is the statement that your commission will already start funneling into your account while you watch its video. Who would believe this preposterous claim? How is it possible to earn a commission simply by watching its video?


While watching its video ad you will be enticed with the claims of earning of its alleged members who are earning as much as $1000 to $2000 per day of commission. The product is being sold initially at $37 which goes down to $17 if you decide not to pursue the subscription process. Once you sign you, you will be offered with upsells which are quite annoying since they will push this to you for subscription before finally taking you to the system which you actually paid for. The system will basically provide an automated system that will make you money. This means all you need to do is click a button and then you just have to wait for the Kathy Evans’ proven system to earn you money. This is a strange way of earning money without actually knowing what proven system is being referred to that will earn you money. None of it is explained on the site.




Unfortunately, I do not see anything beneficial in One Click Pay Day.




There are so many dubious things about One Click Pay Day. First, it creator Kathy Evans is a fake. The name is basically generic and you could not find good information about this person to help you decide whether or not she is real with legitimate business. Second, she claims to be using a proven system which she has been using in the past years. The downside of this is that it is merely self serving claim. If her system truly works, Evans should labor to give even a short description or explanation how her system works. For sure, you would not want to use a system that is not yet proven to be legitimate, right? The testimonials on the sales video of One Click Pay Day are also fakes considering that those are given by paid actors who are also used by other scam products in the past and on Fiverr.


There is also something off with the automated system of One Click Pay Day. Considering that you already spent some money and all you have to do is sit back and wait, you should be concerned what happens next after paying out for something you don’t know about. There is nothing wrong in general with an automated system but in this case you do not know what will happen to your money right after you click a button. The potential earning One Click Pay Day advertises is also overly hyped and it is not something you should believe outright.


Is One Click Pay Day A Scam


Who is One Click Pay Day For?


One Click Pay Day is not for anyone. It will just suck your money from the initial subscription you pay to the upsells that will cost you more money.


One Click Pay Day Tools & Training


There are no tools or trainings available from One Click Pay Day.


One Click Pay Day Support


I doubt if there are any support available that is reliable for this product.


My Final Opinion of One Click Pay Day


To conclude, if you ask me is One Click Pat Day a scam? I would answer yes. Its ads are simply preposterous, overhyped and obviously designed to lure people who want to find a get rich quick system on internet marketing. It is worth remembering that in internet marketing there is no such system that will give you money in just a click without exerting time and effort.


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