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Is Four Dollar Click A Scam – Avoid It For Good

Four Dollar Click


PRODUCT NAME: Four Dollar Click



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Can you potentially earn by clicking on links? Of course! But certainly this is not an “earn big quick” scheme that you can rely on as a regular income. There are so many websites that offer this kind of a scheme online that prey on people who want to find an opportunity to do a task that will require less time and effort but will give a good income source. I come across the Four Dollar Click website and it certainly is crying with red flags that made me wonder is Four Dollar Click a scam? It offers this kind of a scheme where you can earn four dollar for every click you make. However, before you get enticed to sign up, read this Four Dollar Click review.


Four Dollar Click Review


Four Dollar Click suggests that it can pay you a bigger rate of $4 per click on a link or advertisement. It basically offers you an opportunity to earn money without spending much effort and time in a day. It claims it will give you 100% referral earnings and other premium benefits simply by doing the simple task of clicking on link advertisements.


What Is Four Dollar Click?


Four Dollar Click promotes paid links as a part of an online marketing strategy that many companies do in order to advertise their business. One gets compensated in the form of a commission for each visitor taken to the website of the client in every click on the advertisement affiliate link. Four Dollar Clicks shows on its website the payouts it make to its members which is more than $16,600,000 as of the time of this writing. You need to sign up to join the program and the membership packages available vary in amount. You will get a higher earning if you choose the most expensive package for membership. Compensation is earned not solely on every click made on the affiliate link but also for every referral to the program and for watching ads.


You Should Avoid Four Dollar Click


The program provides a very enticing compensation scheme but there are many red flags worth noting that should warn you it is best to avoid the site. These basically prevent you from enjoying your payout or to be able to withdraw it. Here’s why you should avoid Four Dollar Click:


  1. You need to pay in order to get paid


There are membership packages to choose from in order to avail of your payout. The cheapest is worth $59.99 and the most pricy one is $999 with the highest commission rate. There are many websites that allow you to earn affiliate commissions from pay per click and they come free. There is also no guarantee that you will be able to earn back the amount you paid for your membership considering factor no. 2 below.


  1. The minimum payout in order to withdraw earning is too high


To be eligible in withdrawing your earning you need to earn a minimum amount of $4000. This is a lot and it may take you years to earn in consideration of factor no. 3 below.


  1. The claims on your potential earnings are hyperbole


You can hardly find legitimate sites paying $4 per click. Based on normal business practice, the highest amount per click that genuine companies will pay will be on the average of $0.01 per link or sometimes a little over more but less than a cent. Where will Four Dollar Click get its fund to pay $4 per click?


Four Dollar Click


  1. Their terms are warning signs of a scam


If you read their terms and condition you will find out that Four Dollar Click reserves the right to modify its rules, regulations, special offers and membership terms and conditions at any time. This means that it does not provides a protection guarantee to its members to get what is rightfully due to them. A mere change in the terms and condition can easily deprive a member of their eligibility to his earning. Another disturbing term is its inactivity clause where your failure to log in and click on links every 6 days will result to the deactivation of your account which means forfeiture of your earnings.


  1. The owner is anonymous


The site does not disclose the name of the owner. This means you will never know who to run after of your earnings once the website disappears.


My Final Opinion of Four Dollar Click


Given the above stated conditions there is not much to recommend about Four Dollar Click. There are more warning signs that will answer the question is Four Dollar Click a scam in the affirmative. I strongly recommend to stay away from the site and to avoid falling into a trap of getting scammed.

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