Is Click Intensity a Scam? – Keep Spending Your Hard Earn Money

Name: Click Intensity
Website: (not affiliate link)
Price: Free, $25 for Ads Packs
CEO: Nick Johnson
Overall Rank: 15/100

Here’s a quick and short review of a new product I found. It is obviously the product have declared that they belong to MLM. As you know I’m not a fan of MLM but it doesn’t mean all of them are scams. The ways of making money structure don’t impress me. Let find out is Click Intensity a scam?

Clickintensity 1

What is Click Intensity?

Clickintensity Prelaunch

It is a networking marketing company declaring themselves as MLM. The concept is to buy advertising of the silver package of $25 in return to make more money. How it’s going to compensate you really puzzle me and a lot of red flags being raised.



• Get started and join for free


• MLM (I’m not a fan of MLM)
• Keep spending money without any direction
• Training provided, but no value
• Click on ads that serve no value to you
• They can’t tell when you are going to make money


How to make money with CI?

There’s two ways to do so. Buying an adverting package of silver package daily and wait for the compensation which even the trainer in the video can’t provide you the exact timeline. This is a major red flag being raised. It raises not just one of my eyebrow, but both. Listen carefully what trainer Tara telling you to do in the video.

Trainer: Tara

Tara ask you to buy silver packs $25 every day until you reach 4000 packs. Let make  a quick calculation $25 X 4000 = $100000! My eyeballs almost drop out and the funny part, they don’t know when you going to get pay. I have seen all sort of scams but this one I feel is highest level.

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The second way is the traditional method of MLM. Recruiting new members to your downline. You have given a unique referral link.

What You have to do?

There are training given when you log into the dashboard. The Core Commitment which consist of 7 part video. To me the training is a clear brain washing idea to make you buy their adverting package.

Is Click Intensity a scam

You as a paid advertiser should have the privilege to sit back to enjoy the work being done for you. They should get the right eyeball for your advertisement, but this doesn’t seem to happen in Click Intensity. You have to view advertisement that within your dashboard, click on the ads, play some games and even share other people advertise on your social network. This is a joke to me.

Getting the right audience for your business or to your website is very important. It is useless to gain tons of irrelevant traffic or clicks that are not interested in what you offer. To make it simple, you are a die hard fan of football, but I drag you to watch basketball match. Will you like it?

For Whom?

Whatever a product or service there will always be people who like and dislike. So if you are a person who into MLM, this may be the right system for you. You must be willing to take risks and invest in the system and follow through what they going to tell you to do.


Is Click Intensity a scam? In my opinion, I feel it is a scam. I do not recommend anyone to waste their time on it. The money that you own, have much more purpose and more important commitment that you need to consider using it wisely.

Let me repeat again, right traffic and audience for the right business. So it will never go wrong. Till next time keep yourself safe online, from internet scams.

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