Is Big Profit System A Scam? – Beware of Big Red Flag

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If you are into affiliate marketing you will find the Big Profit System highly intriguing. Its sales marketing video can actually make you become interested of signing up. But just as any prudent investor would do you should first ask is Big Profit System A Scam? before falling into any trap that can rob you of your hard earned money. You will probably come across an offer through an email enticing you to sign up for Big Profit System and to earn big income that you don’t have to work all day ever again. Does it sounds too good to be true? Let us find out what Big profit System is all about.

Is Big Profit System A Scam?

The first thing that will actually catch your attention when visiting its main website is a web page with not much of content other than asking you for a referral ID in order to enter its site. So this will make you ask what Big Profit System is really about. As an overview, it is a system that claims it can help you earn a hefty $500 to $1000 extra bucks a week while spending only at least an hour a day. It provides a hands free auto pilot system that will generate a huge income if you sell the Big Profit System to others. In short, there will be no other products to sell other than becoming an affiliate of Big Profit System.

You are expected to make an intensified affiliate marketing efforts in order to introduce the system to others in order to gain a profit from their sign ups. As the system claims you only have to work at least an hour a day because its system will generate all the email marketing for you through its autopilot system. But do you seriously want to spam others with emails? Just think about it.

How to earn an income from Big Profit System

There are five different levels from which you can opt to buy. The higher the level you sign up for the higher the income you can generate from being an affiliate. The buy in from level 1 costs around $500, level 2 at $1500, level 3 at $3000, level 4 at $6000 and level 5 at $10,000. Now you realize signing up for the Big Profit System is not cheap. The problem with the compensation plan is that you are only entitled to earn a commission for the level which you sign up. In case your affiliate-recruit signs up for a higher level you only get the difference between the level you are actually signed up and the level which the affiliate under you signed up. Thus, you actually need to sign up for each level separately to be eligible to earn the commission for each sign up of your sponsor affiliate on various levels.

The Red Flags

One thing that I am doubtful about the Big Profit System involves not knowing who actually runs it? Any legitimate company will reveal its profile to show its credibility and build a good reputation to the public. By looking at its domain name registration it was updated on June 3, 2016 which indicates it has a new ownership although information regarding the domain owner is set to private. Considering the expensive cost for signing up with the Big Profit System you are running the risk of getting scammed by anonymous entities.

Gleaning from how the Big Profit System works and its compensation plan, there is no doubt that this is another multi-level marketing (MLM) scheme that is very close a pyramiding scam. The system does not offer you any product to sell other than its own system. Note that while the Big Profit System offers a lead generation system as a product, this is only used exclusively for selling and marketing the Big Profit System itself. The only way to earn from it is when you are able to get people to sign up for the system, no more, no less.

Moreover, the cost for signing up for the system is around $280 plus the buy in costs for the level you opt to earn a commission from. If you want to be eligible for all levels you should sign up for all levels which will cost you a total of $21,000. Who would want to make such a big investment with the potential of earning from a single product to sell as an affiliate exclusively?


There is no doubt that the answer when you ask is Big Profit System a scam? is it probably is. There are too many red flags that are glaring enough to tell you beware that this might not be a legitimate business. You do not want to get scammed of your money so you need to think twice before you consider this is a good investment to make.

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