Is Work At Home Data Entry A Scam

Is Work At Home Data Entry A Scam? – Full Time Job Or Crap?


Is Work At Home Data Entry A Scam

PRODUCT NAME: Work At Home Data Entry

OWNER NAME: Timothy Darwin


RATING:  1/10


Working at home at your own time is very common today and many are taking this kind of job for convenience and practical reasons. There are different kinds of work from home jobs that you can find and one of the most popular ones is data entry. One company called Work at Home Data Entry offers an opportunity to earn from data entry job which you can do at your own place and time. Many might find this as an enticing offer to be working at home and do simple job that will help you earn the extra money without much skill requirement to do. Work at Home Data Entry claims that you can drop your regular job and focus on using its system to earn more as a full time job that will give you better pay checks. Does it? You are probably thinking is Work At Home Data Entry a scam just like the so many scammers out there. This Work At Home Data Entry review will help you assess whether this can provide you a full time job or it is just another crap scam offer.


Work At Home Data Entry Review


The Work at Home Data Entry provides a system that it claims to be capable of helping you earn money from home without spending money. Its sales page provides “What if I show you a way to make money working from home without spending money? Yes that’s right! A Step by Step proven system for making money working from home….” This sounds very appealing considering that you will find from its sales page a screenshot of the alleged earning of one of its members as appearing on his pay administrative account the amount of $47,267 which he earned for 30 days. A Work At Home Data Entry member is called home contractor and being as one you will be entitled to access the database of work at home jobs. There are also training materials that come with your subscription as a member. The membership costs at $89.95 but it is sometimes offered at a discounted rate of $27.


The company claims that they can provide a list of data entry jobs where you can apply. However, upon looking on some reviews about the product there appears to be a problem in finding different data entry jobs. What the company has is a list or database of third party clients offering a link posting job. You get paid for posting certain links on different sites but mind you this is hardly a kind of job that yo can do full time more so one that can provide you a decent earning. In fact, some of these clients of Work At Home Data does not provide you a job at all but will make you sign up for more upsells in order to access some jobs to apply for.


What Is A Work At Home Data Entry Jobs?


Work at Home Data Entry offers a variety of jobs such as transcription data entry, data research, office data entry, content writing, ebook opportunities and other similar data entry jobs. Basically a data entry job is something that will require you to enter information electronically on different data format like Word processor, Excel and other data processing software. As you search jobs from the Work at Home Data Entry system you will only find link posting jobs which is completely different and pay differently from taking a data entry job. Link posting is considered obsolete business already and there is a risk for Google to tag your activities as a link posting scam that will ban you from posting links online using its platform.




There are no benefits from signing up for the system considering it does not provide the data entry job it promises.




You take the risk of wasting your membership fee on something that will not give you a good return for your investment. Link posting will not earn you a decent income, more importantly it is not a reliable job to ever consider as full time.


Is Work At Home Data Entry A Scam

Who is Work At Home Data Entry For?


Work at Home Data Entry is for people who want to obtain basic knowledge about outdated training on data entry which provide information that you can find online for free.


Work At Home Data Entry Tools & Training


The training and tools provided in the system are relatively unsubstantial and are outdated.


Work At Home Data Entry Support


Apparently, the system provides you access to 24 hour access to the available jobs that you can apply for. There are also one on one support provided by their support staff.


My Final Opinion of Work At Home Data Entry


Is Work at Home Data Entry a scam? It probably is. Considering that their sales ads are quite misleading you will also not find a decent paying job from using its system. The training you get from it is also not worth the investment you will make for paying the membership fee. Work at Home Entry jobs are hardly full time jobs to consider.


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