Is Wallstreet Forex Robot A Scam? – Will It Work?



PRODUCT NAME: Wallstreet Forex Robot

OWNER NAME: Wallstreet Forex

WEBSITE: www.wallstreet-forex.com

RATING:  9/10


If there is Forex trading software that is taking a lot of attention now, it is the Wallstreet Forex Robot. For many traders who are optimistic of finding a more reliable and trustworthy trading tool they are anticipating that this software is not one of those scams proliferating online. To help traders sort out their options and probably wondering is Wallstreet Forex Robot a scam here’s our review about the product and let’s see if this works better than the other trading tools out there.

Is Wallstreet Forex Robot a scam?

Wallstreet Forex Robot is a piece of software designed to execute trades in an automated fashion through scalping, where it exploits the changes in market price in trading within a short period of time. The product is also called as an auto trader because of the algorithms the system use in order to make trading market predictions. The Wallstreet Forex Robot is now on its 2.0 version where better upgrades are available.

The product comes with a trader personal account, unlimited demo accounts with 24/7 support. The original price of the software is $347 but is sold at a discounted price from time to time. In addition to the value for your money you also get a bonus auto bot systems called Wallstreet Asia and Wallstreet Recovery Pro for added value of your money.

The Wallsttreet Forex Robot Features

There are very useful features available from the product which is actually better and improved than its first version. The Broker Spy Module feature allows you to run the software on a stealth mode to catch those brokers are trying not make a fair play during the trading process. It also has a high spread and slippage protection that tells you whether your broker is trying to make a high spread during the trading which is actually expensive on your part. This feature will protect and guard your investment which also applies during high slippage.


By using the system you will be more mindful about trading with emotion. Instead you can rely on the data that the software provides to help you make a more rational trading decision. Unlike other trading prediction tool, the Wallstreet Forex Robot works with a real time update system. You need not reboot the system in order to get updates.  The software itself will make the necessary updating according to your pre-set preferences. This makes more convenient to a trader and they can instantly make an intelligent decision when trading.

Trading Principles

Unlike other Forex trading bots that claim to be effective with a percentage of accuracy but without stating the foundation of the system they use, Wallstreet Forex Robot provides detailed information regarding their trading principles and transaction mechanics.

This helps a trader recognize their expertise on Forex trading and designing a Forex trading tool to enhance better results from one’s trading investments. It also uses low risk scalping that follows both the short and medium trends which gives a trader the opportunity to generate profits at a lower risk condition.

The Benefits of Using Wallstreet Forex Robot

One of the most useful features of the software is its automated performance which allows even a newbie in the Forex trading enjoy a better outcome from their trading venture.  It usually takes a few minutes only before you can realize any profit at a very low startup requirement. Because it is already programmed to provide better trading profits, the software will not depart from its programmed trading logic.

This is very beneficial to emotional traders who might not be capable of thinking logically once their trading venture is challenged or they are experiencing losses. Most of the claims on the efficiency of the system are back up by a report study and back test historical results. Many traders also recommend using the product since they experience positive trading outcomes, although not from the beginning but a few days later of trading, and give positive feedback from its use.



The Pros

Wallstreet Forex Robot has strong features that are supported by taking calculated risks while maximizing a trader’s profit. It is suggestive of results that are based on different trading principles that are programmed to the software. Because it works in real time the trader will be efficiently guided all throughout the trading process in making the most logical trading decisions. With the help of the Wallstreet Forex Robot 2.0, intuitive trading is eliminate and provides one defensive stops in case there is a high risk to lose while trading. The product also comes with a 60 days 100% money back guarantee.

The Cons

Wallstreet Forex Robot is quite expensive as compared to the many other Forex trading tools.


If you want to know is Wallstreet Forex Robot a scam? the answer is no since you get at least 3 auto-bot software to help improve trading skills and profit opportunity. There is a chance this product is likewise effective since its system is backed up by solid trading principles that are not mere guess works.

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