Make Money Robot

Is Make Money Robot a Scam? – Wish to Have This Robot

Make Money Robot

When you visit Make Money Robot’s website,, you will learn that it is a cloud-based trading software which was created in 2013 by Mike, Felipe, and Paulo. These three are said to be trading gurus or ‘market-professionals’ who handle the accounts of well-known people and make millions from their daily trades in the financial markets.

They claim to give you an 80% win rate and 89& accurate predictive trades. They may say on their site that they are registered but they failed to mention who they are registered with. This is a big red flag indeed.

Make Money Robot Alarming Red Flags

Though Make Money Robot attracts people through high promises, its specifics are way too lacking.

One obvious concern with its website is the use of poor language. The wording used is very unprofessional and some words are even incomprehensible.

Make Money Robot also lacks an earning disclaimer. They are claiming in their site’s video that you will be able to earn money from their system and be financially free. But they did not lay out the legal boundaries of their offer, this lacking earning disclaimer is a strong indicator of an illegitimate business.

Another red flag that you should be concerned about is that Make Money Robot is not registered with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC). If not with SEC, who are they registered with?

The list of red flags continues. Make Money Robot fills their website with statements about market trading but they never indicate what you are going to trade. Will it be commodities, stocks, or options? You won’t find a clue on their site.

Obviously, you don’t want your money to be invested into something that you don’t understand. And clearly, Make Money Robot doesn’t want you to get the idea of what they really do.

Make Money Robot is not SEC Registered

Make Money Robot is evidently not registered with SEC because if they are, they cannot make the income claims they have on their website and they should have indicated disclaimers about the trading’s inherent risks.

As per SEC’s definition, Make Money Robot belongs to the category of an unregistered broker. These brokers are not following the law or even code of ethics. All they do is just take as many money as they can from people.

Unregistered brokers are also suspected of identity theft, software manipulation, and frauds to take and lock their clients’ accounts of money. Calling Make Money Robot as a broker as absurd since it does not broker trades but only takes people’s money.

Make Money Robot’s Scheme

Upon joining Make Money Robot, someone who will introduce himself as an account executive will give you a call. He will then assist you in setting up your trading account and depositing the $250 initial investment into your account.

That account executive that you talked to is not a real account executive. It is actually a telemarketer whose job is to win your trust and talk you out to invest as much money as possible.

The money you invested may seem to earn because of the illusion trading software that they have made to make you believe that your investment is doing well. Once they notice that you are trusting the fake software, your “account executive” will give you another call to encourage you to deposit more money.

When they are convinced that they already got all the money they can get from you, you will then be locked out of your account and your money will never find its way back to you.

Charmed Software Operated by Robots

Believing in a charmed software that is operated by trading robots making you earn money on autopilot is ludicrous. It will never happen even if you keep wishing that this robot is real.

So better to keep your interest in finding legitimate ways to earn money online. Make Money Robot is only a “Make Believe” set to take all your money.

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