Is Forex Mentor Pro A Scam? – Good Or Bad Mentor?


PRODUCT NAME: Forex Mentor Pro

OWNER NAME: Marc Walton and Dean Saunders


RATING:  2/10


So many people trade because of the promising potential income that they can earn once they get lucky. However, there is no such thing as a definite win in Forex trading. One needs to exercise the diligence of market analysis when trading in order to make a good decision when to trade. There are scammers that are taking advantage of those willing to get profit from Forex trading without a sweat and to rely only on some program or system that will help them trade well. One of these systems is the Forex Mentor Pro which offers traders the chance of getting more serious result from trading. So is you are one of those who are wondering is Forex Mentor Pro a scam? You should read on.

Is Forex Mentor Pro a scam?

The Forex Mentor Pro offers traders some system that claims to be effective in improving your trading outcomes. By using its trading system you will be able to enhance your ability to make better judgment whether trading at a particular time will yield better outcome or not. By your subscription of $47 you will be able to get access on training materials that will teach you about Forex trading including step by step video course that can help beginners improve their skills in trading and understanding the basics about trading Forex.

The people behind Forex Mentor Pro

While the subscription fee of the product is not that expensive as compared to the other Forex trading programs you will not be quite comfortable with the people who are introduced to be behind the system. The product uses identities in its sales page that are not actually connected to the product and will require their subscribers to use only its recommended broker. For someone who is mindful about this it is easy to wonder if they have been using fake personalities to promote their site it is much difficult to believe that they will introduce you to a real broker.

The features of the Forex Mentor Pro program

Forex Mentor Pro introduces its three trading systems namely the M2 Trading System, Earth and Sky trading system and FMP Fotis Trigger System. Each type of the system introduces different approaches in trading and to help you learn different skills in trade market analysis. These systems are mainly video courses for educational purposes that will reveal the system that the Forex Mentor Pro uses in pulling profits out of the trading market.  There is also a private member forum where you have an intelligent interaction with people who are into Forex trading. You will also have access to the Proprietary Trading Indicators and trading tools to help make trading easier for you. There is also a showing of video analysis that explains in advance what it is looking for when predicting the trading market.



Does Forex Mentor Pro works?

After everything that has been presented and said in the sales pitch of the Forex Mentor Pro you should be asking does the system work? Although the program provides interesting and impressive claims it does not provide proof on the accuracy and effectiveness of their prediction on the Forex market. In addition the site uses fake testimonials in order to convince people that the program works and that there are people who are actually earning profit from the system. It is also noticeable that the system focuses on video mentoring and the analysis of the market. It hardly provides the proof on what algorithm it uses in order to help understand the trading market and how to make you achieve a better trading result.

It also claims that the private member forum will let you interact with brilliant Forex traders but there is no assurance that you are interacting with legitimate traders. After all, the program already used fake people who are behind the program didn’t it? In addition the site uses badges to show legitimacy on their system such as claiming that the system is secured by McAfee and showing its logo. But once you click on it there is no link associated to it that will help you verify further about their claims. Although it provides a free trial for 30 days there is no way that you can actually prove whether the Forex Mentor Pro will be useful to you since you will spend more time learning and Forex trading is a highly volatile market where it is hard to determine whether the system you learn from the program is effective or not, not to mention the difficult times you will have contacting support to demand for a refund.


Is Forex Mentor Pro a scam as you may ask, and the answer is that it probably is. There are a lot of red flags from its sales marketing schemes and it uses products like the video trading materials to mask its dubious system. The fact that they are using fake testimonials and personalities is one thing to be worried about in addition to the lack of evidence on how the system works and lack of proof on its effectiveness. For sure it can be a bad mentor considering the lack of proof how effective its system is.


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