Is Easy Forex a Scam? – Forex is Risky And Not Easy

Product name: Easy Forex
Owner name: easyMarkets Pty Ltd
Rating: 8/10

Are you fond of trading with Forex but hate of losing a trade? You probably have heard about the Easy Forex that is one of the oldest currency Forex brokers today that can help you avoid trade losses. Many Forex traders are getting more interested about the company because of the best deals they offer to their customers, that is, cancellation of your trade within the first hour of trading.

While trading involves a lot of risks and not easy to engage in with your hard earned money you will probably find Easy Forex very valuable to your trading stints. Before you start spending your money using the program, you are probably wondering is Easy Forex a scam? Here is our Easy Forex review that will give you some enlightenment about what the program offers and the risks involved in Forex trading.

Easy Forex Review

Easy Forex used to be the Easy Markets which is an online trading platform that offers different kinds of services involving Forex trading. Among the key features of its services are fixed spreads, deal cancellation, guaranteed stops, personalized training and service and MetaTrader 4 which is its Forex Platform. Deal cancellation is the most unique feature of Easy Forex which offers an opportunity for traders to cancel a trade within an hour. What makes this feature very unique and significant among traders is the chance to avoid trading losses.

The platform allows an access of the global market to traders and the platform has simple interface to use with the financial instruments that are very useful among traders. It has a stop-loss trigger button which allows the immediate cancellation of the trade made within an hour and the trader gets his money back. There are also other useful features that complete your Forex trading experience. Among its other services include CFD trading that gives you can access to different trading markets.

What is Easy Forex?

Easy Forex provides a platform with features that are usually ideal in making trading easy. Trading is very risky and even the experts suggest to trade only the amount you can afford to risk. When you trade there is a big chance of losing considering the margin of time between the time of trading and the time of the actual processing of your trade where currency values change in a fraction of time.
This is the risk you take when trading. Easy Forex provides a platform for trading with different features on how you want to trade. There are about more than 300 markets to choose from. Moreover, it has fixed spread fees also help you secure against trade loss that protects you from losing big due to the volatile market of Forex trading. With its fixed spreads rate and fees you will not worry about commission charges.

Is Easy Forex a Scam?


With Easy Forex you can also trade with metals and oil. There are also wide ranges of trading instruments that you can use like bank options, spots, pending order and forwards. Considering that Forex trading is risky and not easy the Easy Forex provides you training tools and resources like how-to videos and a comprehensive education center to help educate newbie Forex traders.

Its guarantee stop feature addresses the issue on slippage that is a significant concern among Forex traders. The risk involves the changes in the actual price one gets which is lower than the expected price. With the guaranteed stops you will be assured not to lose more than the amount you made from your trade even in a volatile market.

Other features of Easy Forex

Easy Forex has a flexible platform where you can trade using your mobile devices like Smartphone, tablets and desktop. Its program is widely compatible with Windows and Mac Operating System. Its customer service is also very reliable since they have managers who are willing to help you learn through a one-on-one training. They provide webinar, seminars and even expos to help educate about Forex trading. It is also convenient to use the platform of Easy Forex since you do not have to download any software in order to start trading.


Forex trading is a risky endeavor and you need to be smart when making a trade to ensure that your losses are not more than what you can afford of losing. If you ask is Easy Forex a scam? the answer would be it is not since there are very useful features in the platform that are designed to reduce your risk of losing a significant amount from your trades. Another positive thing about the program is that it offers the highest leverage offer that enables a trader to maximize the deposits to magnify their potential profits even when playing on a small currency movement.

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