Is easy1up a Scam? – Not So Easy

Product name: easy1up

Owner name: Peter Wolfing


Rating: 2/10

There are different marketing schemes that you can find online and there is always a question whether they are credible or not. One of the marketing training courses online is the easy1up which was created by its Founder Peter Wolfing. He provides training modules to help online marketers learn the different strategies that can help them find their success in marketing. You are probably wondering is easy1up a scam? just as any online marketer who are getting too weary of the numerous scamming schemes that are victimizing too many innocent investors and aspiring online marketers on the web, you need to be wary about their claims before you spend your hard earned money for their products. Here is our easy1up review to help you get a better overview on what the program is really all about.

easy1up Review

easy1up offers a money making opportunity program that allows you to learn the different strategies about online marketing with the chance of making your own sales and earn profits based on your sales and by building your own team. It is created by Peter Wolfing who offers different training modules to help you kick start your marketing strategies. There are two basic training modules that come with a subscription. The Elevation package requires a $25 subscription fee which provides some training on the network marketing basics and affiliate marketing training that come in videos platforms. You can upgrade your subscription for $100 for more advanced learning modules. The other subscription product is the Vertex package at $250 which provides advanced digital business video trainings. You can upgrade your subscription to $500 for the Vertex Elite package and $1000 for the Vertex Pro program. On top of your subscription is an admin fee of $5.

What us easy1up?

easyi1up uses the banner “You want to make big money and fast?” in order to entice people that its program can provide an opportunity of earning money big and quick. The program has subscriptions of training modules to help you start your own marketing business and earn using its Reverse 1 Up Comp plan. The program works by allowing you to recruit others to subscribe to the program. The sales taken from your recruit will go to your account and you get to keep it to yourself with an admin fee of $10 charged to your account. The second sale you make goes to your sponsor. For the subsequent recruits you make you get the second sales they make. While they claim that the program is about learning marketing strategies, it is nothing more than just a pyramiding scheme.

The Red flags

While you get some value for your money because of the video training modules that come from your subscription, there is also disturbing background about its owner Peter Wolfing. Online reviews about Wolfing provide that there are different versions of his online scam programs like the,,,,, and There is no wonder if easy1up can be one of his many online scam programs as well. Wolfing uses the Multiplex System as a holding for his online scams.

The compensation plan of the program also rolls up more money for the company but there is a chance that those subscribed to it will not really earn much if they will not pursue on recruiting. Moreover, the compensation is not transparent enough to show how much is really due to you. You get to view your earnings but you will have no idea about the massive proliferation of sales that should be due to you. The income disclosure from the site obviously makes this clear with their statement “We make no claims on how much money you can make with our program.” Moreover, it is worth pointing out that once you subscribed there is no way of getting your money back due to its no refund policy.


So is easy1up a scam? I think so. Although it is not really easy to conclude that it is since there is some speck of legitimacy on their business as you get some value for your money. You pay something and you get some training modules in return. So that is hardly a scam, right? But there are some hidden tricks behind this scheme since there is not much promise for you to earn out of your subscription and this is just another MLM scam that are in the guise of a legit training program. But it is designed to suck more money out of your and you will be disappointed that you cannot get a refund from your money if you find the program not worthy for an investment. The easy1up is a nothing more than just a gifting opportunity of earning an income through a pyramiding scheme.


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