Is Userfeel A Scam

Is Userfeel A Scam



OWNER NAME: Userfeel Ltd.


RATING:  7/10


If you are looking for some way to earn the extra money you can possibly do so by becoming a usability tester. Many companies are finding ways on how to improve their website or applications and the best way is hiring people to test them and give feedback. Userfeel is a company with personnel experienced on analytics, web design, web development and website optimization and is hiring usability tester for the purpose of reviewing its client sites and apps. Before you sign up you are probably wondering is Userfeel a scam? Let’s find out.


Userfeel Review


Companies need feedback about the performance of their website or application and they need third party companies like Userfeel to provide them these. Userfeel hire usability testers whose tasks will be to interact with a particular website or app for about 10 to 20 minutes and get paid for doing so. This Userfeel review will give insights on what to expect from this kind of a job and is this really a legitimate way of earning the extra money?


What is Userfeel?


Userfeel offers the position of a usability tester. Being as such you will be paid $10 just to perform some tests on the website or app and provide feedback. The testing can be done from a smartphone, laptop, or desktop so this is something like a work from home job for you. The tester will be given instructions on what to do under a certain scenario and perform certain tasks. One needs to keep talking during his interaction with a site or app. Companies need constructive comments and feedback to help improve their product. Common tasks involve visiting an online store and taking and checking out orders. As you interact with the site or app to complete this activity you will be required to give your own feedback and observation.

To qualify one needs to download the screen recorder app in order to complete a qualification test. It is necessary to have your own microphone and Mac or Windows 7 computer. To pass you must have a good rating to give a good impression on your skills of becoming a tester. The test is not paid but once you pass you can start applying for a job. There is no right or wrong answer but there are things that can help improve your chance of passing the test. You need to provide constructive feedback from a customer’s point of view and help companies how they can improve their app or site.





Joining Userfeel is free. Passing the qualifying test will not also be as difficult provided you have a good communication skill and able to provide constructive insights that will be relevant to a company seeking to improve it app or website. The earning of $10 is not bad considering that each test will only involve between 10 and 20 minutes. Payment is released weekly through Paypal and Payoneer and there is no minimum amount for cash out.




There are not so many tests available to make this job a regular source of income. Moreover, demographic factor will also affect the likelihood of getting a job. Userfeel does not guarantee the availability of tasks daily so you need to consider the competition from other Userfeel tester as well that will affect the opportunity of being chosen for a job. If audio recording is not clear you are not going to get paid so make sure that you do the test with quality sound when giving feedback. You cannot work just about anywhere since a quiet surrounding is needed when recording your feedback. The result whether you pass the qualifying test takes a bit longer between 10 and 15 days.


Who is Userfeel For?


Userfeel is ideal for people who are looking for some short term jobs to earn for the extra bucks. If you like being a critic about something Userfeel will find you a good user tester but make sure that your feedback and critics are constructive and relevant to its clients.


My Final Opinion of Userfeel


Now, if you ask is Userfeel a scam? the answer is obviously it is not. It provides a legitimate source of income for people who like to become a usability tester with a reasonable compensation rate that is higher than the other work from home opportunities. It is worth noting however that you can find Userfeel a dependable source of income. The scarcity of the available tasks does not guarantee a regular income flow. Moreover, there are also other factors affecting your ability to get qualified for a particular test. Working as a usability tester for Userfeel is enticing since the pay is good for performing a task that takes only a few minutes to complete.


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