Is Letgo A Scam

Is Letgo A Scam





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You may find so many stuffs inside your house that you want to get rid of and the best way to do so is selling these pre-loved items to have some monetary returns even if you discard of them already. Old stuffs can actually take a lot of space from our rooms and as much as we want to keep it we need to decide of letting it go. Letgo is one of the apps that can help you monetize from your old stuffs from clothes, homeware, electronic stuff, vehicles and practically anything. But is Letgo a scam or a legitimate application that is safe to use. This Letgo review will help us understand how it works.


Letgo Review


Letgo is simply an application where you can sell your stuff online. It works just like Craigslist but is more designed for mobile use. Unlike Craigslist that basically work on computers, Letgo is the new hybrid of a marketplace to sell things optimized for mobile use. Considering that majority of people shop and manage businesses online, Letgo makes these easier and more convenient with its own Letgo app.


What Is Letgo?


Letgo is a mobile application where anyone can sell used items. It caters to different product categories from clothing, homeware, cars, accessories, fashion, garden, books, music, electronics, you name it. The categories are wide enough that will give you an opportunity to sell and buy used items. Within the perspective of a seller you will be able to easily market your own pre-loved items without costing you for doing so. The app will help find both buyers and sellers who are residing within the same location and it has premium features of displaying photos and product details. The app has the features and tools needed to complete a sale and purchase. The app also allows the buyer and the seller to communicate with each other in order to complete a particular transaction.


To use the application to sell used items you need to download the Letgo application in your mobile phone. You will then be taken to the registration process by using your email, Facebook or Google Plus account. Make sure that you are comfortable using the account you chose as this will be used in verifying your identity. Once the registration is complete you can start uploading your products with the product details included like the name, short description, category and image. You have the option of displaying the price for each item or you may prefer to personally answer queries from prospective buyers. The app has the capability of connecting the seller and buyer online to allow them to negotiate through its chat system. Moving forward with your transactions you can meet up and trade with the other party.


Is Letgo A Scam




The app provides for the location of the seller which makes it easier for buyers looking for an item with a seller to meet nearby. The chat feature on the site is also helpful as it makes the negotiation quick and convenient for both the seller and the buyer. With a vast of product categories it is easier to find and sell items from Letgo app. Among its great features are the product listing that allows you to market your used or pre-loved items through product details and images. Best of all, the app is free to use.




Letgo does not assume the responsibility of doing the financial transaction for its users. It is simply a platform where people can buy and sell online using their mobile phone, nothing more nothing less. Both the seller and buyer are independently responsible for each of their transaction and Letgo does not provide a dispute process for anything sold or bought from their site that appear to be bogus. Hence, a word of caution to Letgo app users is to observe the diligence of ensuring you are entering in a legit transaction.


Who is Letgo For?


Letgo is for people who are looking for a way of getting rid of old stuff but wants to earn from doing so. Its application is very convenient to use for selling products without other costs to shoulder. It is also an app that people looking for cheaper items to buy with the convenience of online shopping.


My Final Opinion of Letgo


Letgo is an online marketplace optimized for mobile use that is very convenient to sell and find pre-loved items. While you might be pessimistic by thinking is Letgo a scam? there are good reasons to say that it is a legit platform for buying and selling items. However, everyone is cautioned with the transactions that they make from the app since there is no way of knowing whether those selling or buying using the Letgo app are legit.


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