Is The Free Money System a Scam?

Is The Free Money System a Scam? – Nothing is Free

Is The Free Money System a Scam?

People these days are very optimistic about earning more from the Free Money System but when the process sounds too good to be true, it probably is. This is my view about the promise of the self-proclaimed Green Machine, Walter Green. Many are probably wondering, is the Free Money System a scam? This is something I want to dig on further as many feel attracted to earning thousands of profits within just a few months using the Done-For-You trading system which is better known as the Free Money System. It is very tragic to find many falling for the prospect of generating millions of dollars without doing anything. Before you get enticed to this program, here’s what I found out about the Free Money System.

What does the Free Money System claims?

Walter Green, in his video, explains that the system can generate profit of about $189,671,458 and creates 152 new millionaires. The system claims it can actually make you a millionaire within 90 days. Now, for a person with a critical thinking, is it possible to earn millions within this period of time without doing anything except making some few clicks on the mouse? This sounds like a hard sales pitch to me. There is no get rich quick scheme that truly works and definitely the Free Money System is giving me a lot of questions with answers leading me to believe that it may be a scam.

How it works?

The claim seems to be mere sales pitch to me considering how the system works. The program provides trading binary options that offer a free membership and then you pay $200 for unlocking the system. The process of making money from trading actually depends on an autopilot system. What guarantees profit from the process is the market prediction of the software that allows you to win when trading. The binary process predicts the stock and share values that can lead to either profit or loss. The Free Money System actually offers an alleged promising prediction on which trade will let you gain profit.

I have to say outright that the system is not actually free. In fact, you cannot get the most out of the system without shelling out $200 in order to get into the system. Upon signing up for a free membership, you get an email explaining that the Free Money System operates on a binary program and you need to make an investment of at least $200 in order to unlock the system. At this point, you don’t really get anything for free out of your membership. The $200 is not only a one-time payment. It only gives you access to the program.

Why Free Money System Is a Scam?

Is The Free Money System a Scam?

One of the first impressions I have about using the system is that you get sucked out of your money without the guarantee of making a profit. While the system gives you the assurance that it is using a good prediction software, there is no way of knowing what process the system use exactly in determining which option for trading will give a good profit from your trade. By investing your money, the system developer gets something out of your money while you can possibly make nothing out of your investment. The game play of using the trading binary is therefore a gamble. You can either win or lose while its developer gets a guaranteed profit out of your money.

I say this because by signing up for trading the system introduces you to three binary brokers. By signing up to any of these brokers through the Free Money System its owner gets a guaranteed commission. Stated otherwise, I can directly tell you that the Free Money System generates a commission as an income from your money without any guarantee that you earn a profit from your investment. There is no way of telling just how reliable the Free Money System is that is worth your investment.


Now, if you want to ask me is the free money system a scam, it probably is. It is conclusively risky and you are basically gambling your money out of system with no guaranteed science to explain how the system works in predicting your winnings from trading. What is more bothering from the system is that there is no money back guarantee. Using the program is therefore a risky venture that I would recommend against.

Worth considering is the heightened warning about the flaws in using binary programs online from the SEC. If you are a smart investor, you definitely want to secure your investment returns. I definitely do not want to gamble trading using a system that can probably scam me out of my hard earned money with a questionable system.

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