Is Market Buster A Scam?

Binary trading has become very popular as a get rich quick scheme that many people are aspiring to try and make some money without much effort. Because many of you are probably wondering is market buster a scam for being binary trading software that offers a promising income to you, I tried to make my own investigation in order to get a clearer picture about the system and to give you useful information before you start wasting your money or get scammed out of your $250 for nothing.

Is Master Buster A Scam Overview

Ethan Taylor claims that his binary trading software can help you earn about $2000 each day without spending much time and effort. This sounds like an enticing marketing pitch if you want to get rich quick without a sweat. But for a person with a prudent mind, you should probably wonder how this system works and be smart enough to ask whether or not this is possible? Taylor claims the software can give at least 88% result in giving you thousands of dollars of profits. By using a binary signal the Master Buster can predict the best time to start or end trading. The application uses a unique algorithm that will determine the cycles of trading value that can help you determine when is the best time to do trading n the market that can give you the best potential yields. This sounds simple enough. What you are required is to shell out $250 in order to sign up for the system and then you are ready to sit back and relax while allowing the algorithm of the system work wonders in sending money to your bank account. Because the process is automated you will do nothing but trade without exerting much effort in analyzing the market performance and activities.

Master Buster

What are the red flags?

Master Buster promises giving you a guaranteed profit generation from trading by using its alleged reliable algorithm through binary signals. The application has both binary signals and automated trading features as a matter of fact. The main problem is there is no way of knowing how the signal actually works and it does not even give the user any options on how they want to configure the auto trading process. Master Buster only requires you to pay the $250 minimum deposit in order to start using the application. So what happens with the sales pitch of having the software for free? I find this as a plain false promise that translates as a dirty tactic to entice people of signing up initially. In fact, the software is not free since you don’t really get anything out of the free signup since you will be prompted to pay $250 to start the app.

For someone who is critical about spending $250 on something that you have no idea what it can do for you, this is definitely alarming. Do you find it wise to give $250 on something without getting information about what it can do to you and how? Telling you about the possibility of earning $2000 a day does sound incredible and you do want to know how this is done before falling for any marketing pitch about the profit figure you are being told.

What also bothers me is the dirty trick of showing there is no signal from the app and you are required to make the payment before any information about its market prediction is shown. Once payment is made you only have the option of clicking the button to start automated trading. Moreover, the disclaimer of the product also provides that the app does not guarantee that you will earn money when using its binary techniques. Now, this sounds ridiculous when their marketing pitch will entice you to earn about $2000 a day!

Is Master Buster a scam?

In my own gut and rational mind, I can say Master Buster is probably a scam. You definitely don’t get any useful information about how the system works and do not even provide a refund for your money. The disclaimer is a clear statement of trying to escape liability that prevents the subscriber from filing a dispute about using the program. As far as I can see, only the owner of the Master Buster who gets a guaranteed commission from its affiliate fee with Opteck, which after doing a thorough research, appears to be the owner of the application itself and Master Buster simply promotes the user to sign up to the Opteck’s website. Now, that is a good trick to make easy money for Master Buster.


My research above now provides an answer to your question: is market buster a scam? This program can possibly scam you out of your money and you definitely should stay away from this kind of binary trading scam.

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