Is Pinterest Traffic Avalanche a Scam?

I stumbled upon Create and Go as a recommendation by my blog partner, Cena a few months back. I opted for the 5-day FREE course and was impresed by Lauren McManus and Alex Nerney presentation and clear understanding of blogging.

I decide to purchase the Pinterest Traffic Avalanche course as I do not know much about Pinterest to begin with. Most of my activation on social media platforms are from Facebook and Instagram, thus, I would like to understand how to use Pinterest to drive traffic to my posts and blogs. 

As myself and Cena main focus of getting traffic is on Google SEO marketing strategies, I wanted to expand to Pinterest strategies as I knew it is another good platform to create more awareness and hopefully, getting traffic to our websites.

Why do I trust Create and Go as a go to online course for Pinterest? Why should you spent the $197 to learn Alex and Lauren’s secret to getting traffic to your website?

Well anyways, in this review, I will provide and walk you through the course information on the Pinterest Traffic Avalange and let you decide whether or not it is worth buying for.

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche

Product Name: Pinterest Traffic Avalanche

Owner: Lauren McManus and Alex Nerney

Product Type:  Using Pinterest effectively as a tool to increase traffic to website or blog post.

Price: $197

Target For: Affiliate marketing starters or online marketing enthusiasts.

Summary: One of Create and Go online course that introduce Pinterest as a secondary platform to gain traffic to bloggers website. In this Pinterest Traffic Avalanche course, Lauren and Alex shows students on how they monetized their websites by using Pinterest as a secondary platform in driving traffic to their website. They are generous and transparent about their strategies and students will learn the exact methods and insider tips that can elevate traffic to their blog posts and create sales conversion.  

Product Rating: 4.6/5 stars

Recommended:  Yes

Why do you should you use Pinterest?

There are several social media platform that you can go about increasing traffic to your website. However, do these traffic create conversion. It is like window shopping in the mall and in the end, as a seller, you keep waiting for one shopper to buy your product. 

Why do you use Pinterest instead of other social media platform?

Pinterest is like a search engine platform like Google except it is more visual in content. These visual contents are called pins and you can be creative to create them. You can use Pinterest to search for specific pins and thereafter, you can find the to blog posts you are interested and click on the pins which will direct you to the blog post. 

Most of today’s bloogers are at PInterest and you can find interesting pins that entice you to click and read their blogs. Unlike what you post in other social media platform, you may not get to create the awareness unlike creating pins in Pinterest. 

It is a platform that is great for blogging as Pinterest users are the ones searching for a specific post rather than browsing through their feeds. As such, you may get someone who is interested in your niche and thereafter, you will have a greater chance that your pins gets a click on.  

One other advantage of using Pinterest is that your post will have a better value over other social media platforms. When you are active in Pinterest and continuously pinning a post on other people’s board or tribes, the post will spreads quickly to their followers unlike Facebook or other social media platform where posts are pushed away. 

In Facebook and other social media platform, you can use social rabbit to continously post your blog on random days but however, your post would only be shared through your followers unlike Pinterest.

So, my opinion is that Pinterest give you another alternative funnel in terms of search engine optimization to bring in traffic to your website aside to Google. Unlike other social media platform, PInterest gave you the flexibility to create and does have ranking like search engine platform.  

About Create and Go and Pinterest Traffic Avalanche

Alex and Lauren are the owners of Create and Go and launches core programs on blogging and pinterest startups in view on helping internet marketing starters to learn strategies and start their own online business.

They started from zero and blogging are their main source of creating income online. From working 9 to 5, they worked hard and created a stable income with blogging and using Pinterest as a secondary funnel to generate more traffic and sales conversion to their website. 

On Create and GO, they shared their experience and knowhow on how to start a website, create a blog, finding a niche, etc. Both Alex and Lauren are knowledgeable and good presenters on their teachings. The team has done a good job on their training design and assistance for you to achieve this consistency in producing a valuable learning experience.

One of their secrets to becoming successful is the fact that Pinterest played an important role in one of their blogging website, Avocadu. Their marketing strategies proved that they can bring in traffic and get sales conversion consistantly. As such, Pinterest Avelanche was introduced to to share their knowledge and experience with other bloggers. 

PInterest Avalanche is truly a course that you will not be dissapointed and let me go through with you the upside and downside in this review. 

Inside Pinterest Traffic Avalanche

The course are broken down into 16 modules parts, in-depth study of Pinterest. 

  1. Setting up Pinterest account and understand the algorithm of Pinterest. Also, recommendation of some application such as Tailwind and Canva to make your pins stand out from all the rest.
  2. Learn Pinterest strategies and experience that led their website to increase in traffic ten-fold each month with sales convcersion.
  3.  Learn to create pins that stand out and how to pin for maximum views on Pinterest with tools and resources. 
  4. Learn to schedule pins that are simple and effective. 
  5. Overview of the Pinterest analytics area of your account, what kind of information you can find there, and how to use that information.

The course also includes bonus Pinterest Ninja Secrets, Secrets to Growing an Instagram Account and How to Get More Google Traffic to Your Blog with SEO. In addition to the bonuses, there are also a sneak peak into their Six-Figure Blogger Course.

How Much is Pinterest Traffic Avalanche and Who is it Designed For??

The Pinterest Traffic Avalanche costs $197 with a 60 days full refund.

The most common method of driving traffic to a website is Facebook ads. If you are into Facebook Ads, you may spent a few thousands to do an advert to drive substancial amount of visitors to your website.

Another way is the method of building your website for Google SEO. It can be a long process and of course, traffic is FREE, but real results may take you months or longer. I have been there and well, it takes blood and tears, honestly. 

From my point of view, in affililiate maeketing, if you are able to drive an extra 10,000 visitors per month to your blog or article using Pinterest Avelanche methods and convert 1% of those visitors into buyers on let say, a product that gives a $10 commision, you could make make an extra $1,000 per month.

So, basically, this course is worth the $197 price.

So who is it designed for?

  1. If you currently have a blog or have just started a blog and want to grow it fast and the smart way, then this is the course for you.
  2. If you have been blogging but are new to Pinterest or are not getting the results you want.
  3. You are motivated to persue and learn to built a high quality traffic to your website. This is not some overnight traffic explosion scheme to get low quality visitors. This is about how to build a growing and engaging audience for your brand and requires effort.
  4. If you are like me, getting sick of things moving slowly and really want to gear things up.

Good or Bad Choice?

Before I conclude, I learned quite a bit on Pinterest and already put in the effort to drive traffic to my blogsites. 

I do like the Private group on Facebook that Alex and Lauren themselves are part of. The group are well taken care of the team that are helpful and offer a lot of ideas and insights. Lauren will come in if there is a change in Pinterest algorithm or news of changes. The course received regular updates by the team as Pinterest is continously changing.

The downside of the course is that you need tools to be on top of your game. Tools like Tailwind and Canva can be expensive but it works. For those starting out, I guess you have to invest a bit on the tools.

It is not easy mastering Pinterest and it takes quite a lot of your time creating and scheduling pins. I recommend that if you are a just starting out, then you may just want to conccentrate on your blog. Well, if you have a quite a fair bit of articles in your website, then you may want to stick through the strategies they implement.

So, all in all, is Pinterest Avalanche a good or bad choice for affiliate marketing starters and experts?

Is Pinterest Avalanche a Scam?

No in my opinion Pinterest Avalanche is not a scam and it is a Good choice and really worth it.

The program is not only limited to starters, but also for intermediate bloggers. Pinterest can be another alternative avenue to drive traffic to your website and investing in this course can offer you an advantage.

It may not be the best and the end for all, but it is definitely a good start to your online business career path. Whatever it is that you decide, I hope this review has been helpful!

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